Vegan (KFC) Deep Fried Chicken at Thousand Vegie, Chinatown Complex

IMG_0235 IMG_0236

We happened to be in Chinatown last Saturday and decided to check out Thousand Veggie which was highly recommended by Luke from Hungryangmo. Initially, we were quite skeptical if the deep fried chicken would taste similar to KFC style chicken. When we arrived, the food centre was packed and we queued for a short while before getting our orders.

IMG_0238 IMG_0253

We got Hainanese Chicken Rice $4 and Claypot rice $4.50 to share. Both dishes were presented just like how their original counterparts would have been done. The rice in the chicken rice set was flavourful and tasted quite authentic but the chicken looked pretty strange and did not taste as good. On the other hand, the claypot rice was milder and tasted like a healthier version of the original. The mock sausages were less salty and the rice was surprisingly well cooked and was very soft.

IMG_0252 IMG_0244

DFC (Deep Fried Chicken) $6 was the best dish of the night. It looked the part and tasted super authentic. The crispy battered texture was unbelievably crispy and tasty. It was a guilty indulgence evening and the mock chicken texture was moist too. It was a really good dish and we finished it up really quickly.

IMG_0251 IMG_0250

The last two items we ordered were Broccoli with mushrooms $7 and claypot tofu $5. Both of them tasted normal and was nothing to shout about. They could be easily created at home and they came in big portions. It is definitely a place to go if you are craving for mock versions of your all time hawker favourites!

Thousand Vegie
Location: 335 Smith Street, #02-122, Chinatown Complex
Contact: 82876056
Opening Hours: Daily 11.30am – 9.30pm

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