Bah Kut Teh Mee Sua Soup- Piore Vegetaria Cafe- Farrer Road

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We finally found our new home and we are moving to Farrer Road coming Jan 2014! The first thing we did was to check out if there were any vegetarian stalls around our new neighbourhood, sadly there were none at Empress Road Food Market. The only available vegetarian stall was Piore, a little cafe located on the second floor of block 3, Farrer Road. It is right next to the bus stop and mrt station and is really convenient and easy to spot. The cafe is quiet and really cozy when I dropped by on Tuesday afternoon. They also have a sofa lounge corner for people to read magazines and have tea. Talking about tea, they serve spa-style lemongrass hot drink for $0.50 (free flow)! It was quite a novelty as I have never been to any vegetarian stalls that served good quality tea at such a price.

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I got Bah Kut Teh mee sua soup $5.50 and it was superb! The broth was herbal and filled with lots of ingredients like tau pok, tofu, mushrooms and 2 pieces of mock mutton meat. The best part was the mee sua noodles. They were springy and cooked so well. I finished the noodles first before finishing up the rest of the ingredients. The unique part was the extra dough fritters side dish that came with the set meal. Service was prompt and polite and I cannot wait to eat there more often when we move in!

#02-163, 3 Queen’s Road(S)260003<
Tel: 6474 4047 | Fax: 64744047
operating hours daily MON-SAT 10.30 am to 7:30 .THURSDAY closed @3.30 pm (PH and SUN CLOSED)

7 thoughts on “Bah Kut Teh Mee Sua Soup- Piore Vegetaria Cafe- Farrer Road

  1. Hi u are not a true vegan. Guess you are just trying to garner publicity and advertisers.

    Being a vegan in Singapore, it is almost impossible to find a bakery selling vegan bread or sandwiches. So when I saw your post on chef icon, I was so happy that there is finally a place to get vegan sandwiches and bread. But I was sorely disappointed after purposely making a trip there only to find that all their bread has butter and you mentioned you ate the toast.

    Even the yogurt you ate at create healthy(fortune center is not vegan as that is make from cow’s milk).

    • Hi Shereen,

      The first time we visited Chef Icon, the chef himself told us that all his bread was vegan hence we returned to get more.
      He also recommended us to get the homemade blueberry jam instead of kaya which contained eggs and butter.
      The sandwiches he recommended us were also vegan as he stated.
      The only non-vegan items he highlighted was the cakes he offered.
      Hence, we were became frequent patrons of his cafe.

      Through the months, I found out that the following places do sell vegan breads and you could try or double check them personally.
      Five Loaves Bread- Cold Storage & NTUC Fairprice (A few vegan and some contain honey)
      If you are strict about honey, try walnut bread, multigrain bread and cinnamon rolls.

      Yes Natural Bakery at Geylang do offer some vegan bread options as well.
      Or you could check out The Organic Baker for some vegan loaves which are also sold at some cafes or vegetarian shops in Singapore.

      There is also a new vegetarian burger place called Greenzilla at Star Vista Basement one.
      We heard from fellow vegetarians/vegans that they offer vegan sauces to complement their vegetarian burgers.

      As for the yogurt at Fortune Centre, the first time we ate it we did not know it contained milk as well.
      But we have not been consuming them ever since.
      Thank you for highlighting them and we will take special note to highlight those that are not 100% vegan.
      At times, it is challenging to be 100% vegan in Singapore especially when we are in a social setting.

      We started this blog to bring awareness to our friends and family about going animal-free and have successfully converted some of them.
      It was never our aim to get publicity or goodies from any advertisers.
      We believe the reason they came looking for us is purely due to the fact that they offer complementary vegan products that will be a great addition to us and the viewers we have. We hope that you agree that it is always good to learn about a new product or new food haunt as the Singapore vegetarian/vegan food haunts really need more support from animal-lovers like me and you.

      Have a great day and Thank you for visiting our blog:)

      Roland & Priscilla

      • Hi
        I really enjoy reading your blog. I noticed the thread on vegan bakeries so I wondered if you heard about LOVEinBread loacted at No. 6 Raffles Boulevard, #B1-18 Marina Square,
        I must confess I have been wanting to go but been unable to

      • Hi Vasundhara,

        Thank you for sending us a comment and for reading our blog:)
        We have heard of Loveinbread but have yet to try it too.
        I believe a few vegetarian bloggers have blogged about it.
        We should be heading down to try it real soon.
        Thank you for reminding us!

        Roland & Priscilla

  2. Hi Priscilla

    I have never doubted your credibility. That is why I was surprised when the guy straightaway said that they contained butter n cheese when I enquired abt which sandwich options were vegan so I asked about omitting the cheese but he said there is still butter in the bread and he clearly said that only suitable for vegetarians and not vegans. My son was crying insisting for the bread so I did not give up and ask a few more times abt the rest of the bread and they also do contain butter.

    I do know abt five loaves bread and yes natural bakery. Even Swiss bakery has some vegan loaf bread(but I am looking for organic whole grains and hopefully no yeast,no refined sugar,baking soda, gf, basically no rubbish). But i was so disappointed that my favourite bakery (Cedele) do not hv any. I love their healthy cakes and bread. But now cant hv them anymore. I know some may say I might as well bake it myself. Haha I did try but did not turn out well. Have to keep trying. In fact is like now also have to make all the healthy vegan chocolate deserts, cakes and muffins myself.

    So 2day i was very happy to find a shop that sells organic wholesome bread with no rubbish.

    I think that our love for animals and environment and many for health made us choose e road to be a vegan. But being a vegan in singapore is really tough. I don’t know how you guys feel. Just walk around any mall, 99% of food are meat related or contains egg n dairy. Even tako is not vegan. Sigh! Very tough to find a healthy treat besides fruits n salads. Despite being a vegetarian for 1/2 of my life, there are only still that same few handful of organic wholesome vegetarian/vegan shops.

    sorry for this long post.

    Thanks for your reply.


    • Hi Shereen,

      Thanks for the tip on Bud of Joy! It sounds really yummy and we cannot wait to check that out.
      Ha, I totally feel for you regarding Cedele and the limited range of breads and desserts we can find in Singapore now that we have turned vegan.
      The market for vegan friendly products and awareness in Singapore is moving at such a slow pace.
      Sometimes we just dread thinking of where to go as getting good vegan/vegetarian food is as good as hunting for treasures.
      Not sure if you have tried asking, but most chefs or cooks from vegetarian places are not vegetarians or vegans themselves!!!
      There is so much we have to learn from guys like you, who started this journey for so long.
      Do keep in touch and let us know if you find a new vegan treasure:P

      Have a great weekend!

      Priscilla & Roland

  3. Hi

    Oh I forgot, if u are interested about the bakery I mentioned or perhaps you already know, it’s ‘Bud of joy’. Coincidentally I do have a loaf of five loaves 100% wholemeal walnut bread now but too bad it contains gluten,yeast and sugar.

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