Vegan Shopping Paradise- SuperNature by Club 21 at B1 Forum The Shopping Mall


The lovely folks at SuperNature  invited me over to their spacious supermarket a couple of days back to check out some of their new offerings! I was really excited and was keeping my fingers crossed, hoping that I can find vegan cheeses such as Tofutti, Daiya, Earth Balance etc which are commonly used in overseas vegan food blogs. Guess what, THEY DO!!! And their selection of products was simply too good to be true in our sunny small island! Sadly, they do not sell these items in their online shop. Hopefully, they will soon as their current location is not very convenient for someone without a car.

IMG_0950 IMG_0951

IMG_0948 IMG_0949

The supermarket is neatly organized and I spent so much time just oggling at all the different food products ranging from dry to wet and frozen items. Be prepared to spend hours there on your first visit to soak in the awesome organic range they have.


Right at the entrance, lies the star attraction of the supermarket. All the vegetables and fruits are specially selected by Juliana, the store manager who is the buyer for all the fresh produce. She strongly recommends customers to come on Monday as all the fresh greens and fruits are shipped in weekly by air freight and comes in small quantities. Unlike other supermarkets, where I often find a spoilt vegetable bunch in the plastic packaging, supernature organics checks every single item and goes through them everyday to make sure that every single packet you purchase is the best. The high prices of the organic vegetables means you save money having to wash them with a vegetable wash, less wastage, it is way healthier than pesticide grown greens and most importantly they are shipped in directly from certified organic farms with no extra storage time. I heard that by wednesday or thursday, most items usually sell out! I just missed fresh figs which were wiped out when they first arrived.

IMG_0820 IMG_0714 IMG_0715

Currently, most greens and fruits come from US and in less than a month, the australia season kicks in with new offerings. I spotted so many unique vegetables and wished I could buy them all home. I saw tequila peppers which reminded me of watercolour paintings, purple carrots, rainbow carrots, chard rainbow, kale leaves (they are the best selling item in the store) and baby broccoli (another hot selling item) and so much more. They also have an online shop where they sell farm boxes ranging from western produce, asian produce, baby catered produce to juice produce right to your door step. The regular box is priced at $70 (25-31 items) and the large box at $90 (38-42 items). They provide free shipping with a minimum spending order of $70 and above. Besides shopping comfortably at home, they also offer a free membership card to their loyal customers (min purchase of $150) for their support and customers can get up to 5% off and earn points at their supermarket or when they shop at any club21 boutiques in Singapore.

IMG_0819 IMG_0822 IMG_0719

They also have organic fruits and I had the chance to try the crunchy pear starkrimson which had a floral aftertaste to it. We paired it with ice wine and it was perfect!


IMG_0804 IMG_0805

They also have a range of local greens which are usually used in chinese cooking dishes and they looked super fresh. I got some nai pak for my grandma and the taste and texture was yummy. They are also famous for their giant onions too! Another item to try would be organic bananas, we tried organic ones before and they definitely taste better and work wonders for baking goods.


Besides fresh produce, Supernature organics is a one stop shop for people with special dietary needs. They have items for people who are lactose intolerant, gluten free products and they also have an in-house nutritionist who help people plan their meals.

IMG_0840 IMG_0729

IMG_0727 IMG_0726

IMG_0721 IMG_0720 IMG_0722

There were so many items which we could hardly find in Singapore using really healthy ingredients. They have the widest selection of vegan health bars I have ever seen!

IMG_0740 IMG_0745

I spotted chestnut flour, egg replacer to mushroom pate and even nigari for making your own homemade tofu!

IMG_0738 IMG_0755

The frozen section got me completely excited. I could not believe my eyes when I spotted so many different varieties of vegan cheeses in one shelf. They have vegan cheese shreds, slices, mock hams slices, mock sausages, earth balance vegan butter in different flavour, cream cheese and the famous vegenaise mayonnaise.

IMG_0768 IMG_0773 IMG_0775 IMG_0776 IMG_0777 IMG_0813 IMG_0838 IMG_0782 IMG_0787 IMG_0814 IMG_0785

I went crazy shopping for them and left the place a super happy lady. In the next few posts,  I will be sharing some recipes using some of the ingredients gifted to us by Supernature. This media shopping trip was made possible by the sweetest folks at Club 21 and I want to specially thank Alicia and her team for this great opportunity and Juliana who taught me so much about organic produce within such a short time frame. They will also be moving to a more convenient location at Forum Shopping Mall end of this year with an organic in-store cafe too! We cannot wait and hope they will have some great vegan food offerings!

583 Orchard Road #B1-05/09 Forum The Shopping Mall
Singapore 238884
Tel: +65 6304 1338
Fax: +65 6735 0366

Opening Hours: 
10am – 7.30pm daily

22 thoughts on “Vegan Shopping Paradise- SuperNature by Club 21 at B1 Forum The Shopping Mall

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  6. Are their prices still crazy expensive? Daiya cheese is also available at the organic store next to coronation plaza. Vegenaise I’ve seen it at four seasons organic stores and others.
    Anyway, you guys should watch the high amount of fat you’re eating. don’t be fooled into thinking it’s ‘good fat’.

    • Hi Ken,

      Thanks for dropping by our blog:)
      The prices are definitely not on the cheap side and Thanks for the heads up regarding daiya cheese.
      We will be moving near that area soon so we will definitely check out the store.
      If you know the name of the store, it will be great if you could share with us!
      As for the high fat part, we only eat mock items or processed food once in a while.
      Most times, we usually just eat fresh vegetables:)
      Thanks for the concern! We appreciate it.
      Have you been a vegetarian or vegan for a long time?
      Do share some tips if you have any.

      Roland & Priscilla

      • Welcome to the West side. 😀

        The store is Eat Organic. It’s one of the shophouses just next to Coronation Plaza in the direction of Chinese High. I can’t remember the price of Daiya cheese there as it’s been a long time since I ate that but it could be more expensive than the $12 you paid for at Supernature. Near to you though so easy to check it out 🙂

        Plant-based for 3 yrs only. But moved towards high carb low fat since late last year. Now going through heavy healing crisis though but it’s all part of the journey.
        Not sure about tips but for me, I just have lots of fruits breakfast and lunch, and then good big ‘salad’ (mostly raw vegetables with some cooked + herbs, and maybe a starch like sweet potato). Almost 80/10/10 I guess. Works best for me except for the current nasty healing crisis lol

        Those nut cheeses and other oils are actually pretty high in fat, and very easy to go overboard with them for many vegetarians/vegans.

      • Hey Ken,

        Thanks for the tips! Yes, sometimes it is so tempting to load up on the fatty part as a vegetarian or vegan.
        We are watching our diet but also having fun snacking along as well.
        No point being too serious and losing the fun in life:)

        We will definitely check out Eat Organic and update you regarding the cheese price too.
        Have a great week ahead!

        Roland & Priscilla

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    • Hi Kavita,

      Sorry for the late reply! We were busy moving house.
      I have no idea where else sells tofu cream cheese.
      I heard that there is four seasons hotel that carries it too.
      Not sure if it is any cheaper.
      Hope you managed to find the link earlier on.

      Roland & Priscilla

  10. Waw! Thank you for sharing! Long agi I try to find this kind of shop! I was a little sick every time going to brown rice paradise because they don’t have much variety! This has Daya! Amazing! And, pruces of the boxes are reasonable! But my favorite and my best is: K A L E!!!! Obrigada!!!!!

  11. so glad they brought daiya and veganaise. but how much are those? sigh looks like i will never get to try them. too expensive!

    • They are expensive but really worth every penny!
      We used them ALL THE TIME and satisfy our cravings very much.


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