Home Cooking: Roasted Golden Beetroot & Purple Carrots Salad with Tofutti Cream Cheese


We were never fans of beetroot and when Julianna from Supernature told me that they sold gold beetroots, I was initially apprehensive to try them. I took the smallest packet $10 for 3 pieces and got home still cracking my brains over how to cook this vegetable. I googled online and found that most people roast them and they taste superb. I peeled the skin of the beetroot and cut them in small cube chunks. Together with the purple carrots $1.70/100g, I roasted them at 180C for 15 minutes (you can do 20 mins if you want them softer) with just a dash of olive oil, black pepper and salt. When they were done, they looked really good and at first bite I was blown away. They tasted so good and I would rather eat this than baked chips anytime. It reminded me of potatoes with a crunchier texture and was really full flavoured despite not adding much salt or extra flavourings.


After roasting the beetroot and carrot, I added them into a bowl of organic girl  $15/per packet (they have a wide range of salad mix) pre-washed baby kale, spinach salad. Together with the roasted vegetables, I added some baked cashew nuts, fresh seedless green grapes and some Tofutti cream cheese  $14.55 (to resemble feta cheese) into the salad. On the side, I made a homemade maple balsamic vinaigrette and our dinner guests sang praises over this simple yummy salad dish!



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