Moroccan Cous Cous Grilled Vegetables Stack- PS Cafe at Ann Siang Hill

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It was my parent’s birthday and I decided to treat them to a restaurant with a view rather than our home:P We went to PS cafe at Ann Siang Hill and both of them were surprised this place exist as their work place is just right down the stairs to Amoy Food Centre. They ordered non-vegetarian dishes while I went with some pretty unique dishes of the night. We ordered a veggie sticks platter to share and a moroccan grilled vegetables cous cous stack which was so expensive but really well executed. The veggi sticks came in a basket of broccoli, tomatoes, parsnips, green beans, lettuce, carrots and yellow peppers. I hoped they were organic since we were eating them raw! But I highly doubt it. The 3 homemade dips that came along was pretty rich and was not as smooth as I expected. They were chunky but pretty yummy. The one I loved most was the red spicy peanut dressing nearest to the bowl of veggie. The other two tasted like hummus and one of them also had a spicy aftertaste. My parents enjoyed it but when it arrived they were expecting fried veggie sticks! Aha

The main dish I had was moroccan cous cous with grilled vegetables plated in a stack. It came with all the vegetables you can dream of. From kale vegetable chips, lentils, cous cous, mushrooms, tomatoes, asparagus to a few others which I cannot figure out as the lighting in the restaurant was so dim. The flavour was just right and it reminded me of our trip to Morocco last December. It was one of the most expensive vegetarian dish I have eaten so far since I turned vegan. (Btw, we saved so much money ever since we turned vegan so I was horrified to see the bill when it came!)


After the meal, I brought my parents to Antoinette where they indulged in a mini espresso cake as I sang a birthday song to them. We had the entire cafe to ourselves on a weekday evening and here they are so excited to blow their candles:) To another year younger and wishing you both the happiest and healthiest of days!


45 ANN SIANG RD . #02-02

SINGAPORE . 069719

Entrance via Ann Siang Hill Park

T:(+65) 6222 3143



6.30P.M – 12.00A.M

Last food orders 10.30P.M

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