Nasi Lemak- Veggie Cottage at Little India


We headed back to Veggie Cottage a couple of weeks back and tried a few new dishes. We had the mushroom soup $5 which tasted quite bland and was not as lovely as the pumpkin soup we once had. We wished it came with more mushroom chunks though.


Hubby Ro ordered Nasi Lemak $5.50 and he loved it. The portions were generous and he asked for more nuts and the staff at Veggie Cottage was kind to offer us without extra charge. The rice was fragrant and the chilli in his own words was a great addition.


I ordered a plate of aglio olio $6.50 and found the pasta too soggy. Somehow the flavours were not rich enough and I preferred the previous spaghetti bolognese offering they had when we last visited. As usual, we had the salad medley which is our all time favourite! We hope Veggie Cottage continues to come up with new and interesting dishes to attract more customers to their cozy haunt.

Veggie Cottage
Location: 13 Dalhousie Lane
Contact: 67856771
Opening Hours: Tue-Sat 11am-8.45pm, Sunday 11am-4pm. Closed Monday.

From Sept 2013 onwards, they will be closed on the last Sunday of each month.

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