CLOSED Freshly made charcoal & greenpea vegetarian burgers at Greenzilla at B1, Star Vista

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Greenzilla is a brand new vegetarian burger joint offering yummy and freshly made burgers with an option of vegan sauces. They are situated at Basement 1 of Star Vista shopping mall, right in front of Nandos. When we arrived, the staff greeted us with enthusiasm and lots of smiles. We got a few items to share and the food was great. We particularly loved the vegan homemade sauces!

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We got ourselves a set meal $11.90 that consists of a regular sized burger, a plate of salad and any drinks on the counter. I wished they will start offering customers with plain bottled water too. I found the menu healthier as compared to most fast food places which usually offers fried items as a side. Hubby Ro on the other hand, was quite disappointed that they did not offer the usual fries. The only offering they had was sweet potato fries.

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We tried organic Cola which tasted too sweet despite it being 40% less sugar. The pineapple fruit salad arrived and we loved the sesame sauce so much we finished the entire plate in less than a couple of minutes.


I ordered the minizilla set $6.90 for 3 small burgers. They were bigger than we expected:)  It came with charcoal tofu fusion burger with marinated bean curd from herbs and topped with BBQ sauce, Herbshrooms Burger with Herbs Bun and Royal Mushroom Burger with juicy mushroom and japanese shoyu on Green Pea Bun! All of them tasted really unique and my favourite was the Green pea bun as the mushroom flavour was really strong and reminded me of mushroom soup. While Hubby Ro preferred the Herbshrooms Burger. The only thing we wished Greenzilla could change would be to toast the mini buns first before serving as the ingredients and sauces made the burgers really soggy.


Hubby Ro ordered a Spices underground wholemeal bun made of smashed roots vegetable fibers with spices and herbs. Sadly, this burger was not as outstanding as the minizilla flavours and this bun came toasted!


The last item to arrive was Yammy Pops #2.90 for 6 big golden round pieces! It was seriously good as they were full of smashed yam and had a natural sweetness just as they have described it. We will definitely return soon for their yammy burger buns too! They are newly opened and run by four animal and earth loving folks. Although there are minor tweaking in manning the store, there is great potential in this brand new burger joint. I was curious why they set up their first flagship counter at Star Vista and was thrilled to find out that the mall supports environmentally friendly brands and products! The people behind Star Vista actually created a brand new corner just for them and we forsee they will be able to take over a big store there in the near future.

Star Vista
(Unit B1-43) 1 Vista Green Exchange, Singapore 138617
Nearest Mrt: Buona Vista

Opening Hours: 10am-10pm daily

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