Our First Beauty Giveaway: Original Sprout Body Care from Pout.com


A couple of weeks back, Ivena from pout.com sent us some beauty products from Original Sprout, a 100% vegan hair and body series. We decided to take the products to the test and used it for two weeks. Here are the prices of the range we tried: Leave-in Conditioner $18.50, Hair and Body Babywash(our favourite!!!) $16.50 and Natural Shampoo $16. Previously, we often use vegan hair products bought from iherb and most of them have no smell and some gave us dry, rough hair. We have been trying so many different brands and we are thrilled to say that not only does original sprout products smell really good (like perfume!), they were moisturizing. Someone even asked me how did I get such healthy hair a few days back:)

We did a Q&A with Ivena and found out more information about her company and the reasons why she brought original sprouts to Singapore.

1. How did Pout come about?

We started pout as a children cum family salon in mid 2011. The market lacked salon appropriate products for this segment so we started searching the web for good products to bring in. We found 2 brands backed by strong reviews that we loved and got them into Singapore exclusively for our salon, one of the brands being Original Sprout. The salon did not do very well, but the products were popular, so in mid 2012, we sold the salon and decided to bring the products out to the larger Singapore market. We now retail Original Sprout at selected shops, as well as on http://www.pout.com.sg

2. Who created Original Sprout and where is it from?


Original Sprout was founded by Inga, a master stylist (which means a technician who has done a minimum of 20,000 haircuts), and the inspiration behind it, was the birth of her daughter, Maya. She wanted the safest and most natural baby shampoo on her daughter. Sadly, all the shampoos she got wreaked havoc to her daughter’s hair and sensitive skin. To remedy the problem, Inga created the first of its kind, ultra moisturizing natural baby bath and styling products. The benefits of being a master stylist with professional experience and being a mother with real life experience culminated into Original Sprouts, a globally trusted natural family brand. Here are some interesting facts about the products!

-Original Sprout products are “worry-free luxury”:

– Gold standard in consumer protection (European Union and Prop65, California’s Safe Cosmetics Act compliant)

– No natural or synthetic ingredients linked with estrogen and hormone disruption, cancer and autism

– Free of Phytoestrogens, Soy, Parabens, Gluten, Dixoanes from Sulphates, Phthalates and Formaldehyde

– Biodegradable and 100% Vegetarian and Vegan (Original Sprout is admantly against animal testing and supports Peta in the ethical treatment of animals. All products are vegan, and lanolin, used in the Hair Styling Balm, is from wool and the sheeps are not harmed)- Ivena wanted to highlight this because some vegans disagree with using wool.

– Free of insect attractors such as honey and soda fragrances

– Eco-friendly and environmentally responsible, eg recyclable packaging, easy-rinse products for least water usuage, bio-diesel used in company cars.

– Trusted and recommended by celebrities and their stylists such as Angeline Jolie, Cindy Crawford and Brooke Shields

-Used on the sets of Hollywood movies (e.g. Glee, Pirates of the Caribbean, CSI, Hawaii Five O etc

3. Are there any scent in the products? 

Yes, there is a natural, pleasant scent, and this scent is similar across most variants in the range.

4. Is there a best selling product that everyone swears by?

Our bestseller is the Hair & Body Babywash. Although called “Babywash”, it is a family product so everyone can use it. In some American hospitals, this product is used for newborn’s first wash. It is gently and very moisturising and helps wash away skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, heat rash and even cradle crap. You can even create a bubble bath with it too.

5. Do you guys offer gift wrapping if customers buy online and what is the packaging like?

Most customers currently buy products for their own use, so even if they purchase the gift sets, they ask us to do away with the gift wrapping. Nevertheless, when we receive orders for gift sets, we continue to ask customers if they wish to have their items gift wrapped.

Here are some new features on their website:

a) Change in shipping terms

– Free shipping on everything with no minimum order, plus

– One free 1.25oz family travel pack for every $50 purchased (choice of 5 variants). The 1.25oz packs retail for $5 so this is equivalent to 10%

b) “pout” branded packaging- plain brown box with a colourful “pout” sticker across the box (This can be seen on the picture above when we received our box!)

6. What will be the next product you guys are looking to add in your web store?

We are looking to launch a new brand of hair care targetting trend-savvy teens and young adults. This range has a very different positioning from our current brands- eye catching graphics, quirky product names and playful descriptions.

Our first Beauty Giveaway from POUT!

Ivena has generously offered to give 2 readers of our blog a $50 e-voucher to be used on her website. Winners will go to www.pout.com.sg to select what they would like to redeem for their $50 voucher. That means you can get the entire range we tried for free:)

To enter the free giveaway:

  • All you need to do is to like Pout facebook page!
  • Write a comment on our blog or on our instagram telling us why you would like to win the Pout voucher!
  • Remember to include your email address after commenting
  • Alternatively you could send us an email at mrandmrsvegan@gmail.com
  • The 2 most original entries wins
  • The last day of submission is this coming Sunday 13th October 2013 at 12 midnight.
  • We will announce the two winners on 14th of October 2013 at 12 noon (Singapore only)

The Winners of the Giveaways:

Congratulations to Cherie and CL Chan for winning the lovely gift vouchers from POUT! We will be in touch with you soon and Thank you to all of you who commented and wrote in emails to us as well. We love hearing from you guys and do not worry if you did not win anything this time round, we have a few more free giveaways in the pipeline. Stay tuned and have a wonderful week!



9 thoughts on “Our First Beauty Giveaway: Original Sprout Body Care from Pout.com

  1. Liked pout on FB. I would really like to win this because I have not heard of this brand and would like to review them because I focus on clean cosmetics & these fit the bill!

    • Hi Boiling,

      Thank you for giving it a go at the giveaway.
      We are sorry that we are not able to offer the vouchers to you this time.
      Do stay tuned to our blog as we have more upcoming free giveaways!
      Have a beautiful week ahead:)

      Roland & Priscilla

  2. I have been a fan of your blog from day one and anything tried and approved by you goes into my shopping list. Being a freckled face, I have been searching a long time for a sunscreen that I will feel safe using but had always settled for a lesser choice for convenience. I am excited about POUT because it is my first encounter with a sunscreen that contains 100% zinc-oxide. This is definitely be my ‘worry-free luxurious’ option.

    Of course there are other products from POUT I would like to try too. I hope I can win this contest ‘coz I can’t wait to use them!

    • Hi Cherie,

      Congratulations! You are one of the winners of the Pout free giveaway.
      We will be getting in touch with you soon with more details.
      Do update us on the feedbacks after you have used it for your freckles.
      Have fun using the products from Pout and Thank you for writing in!

      Roland & Priscilla

  3. Who doesn’t like freebies?? 😀 That aside, I’ve been weaning from chemically loaded products and switching to more ethical and eco-friendly products, and I think Pout would be a good place to look.


    • Hi Syu,

      We love your comment! So sincere and upbeat and we are sorry we are not able to offer you the voucher this time.
      Do stay tuned as we have more freebies up for grabs.
      And Thank you for swinging by our blog.

      Roland & Priscilla

  4. Hi,

    As a 1st time mummy, I am on the lookout for organic bathing products for the little one. I hope I can win the voucher and purchase the Original Sprout Baby Bundle to try out.

    Thank you for organising this giveaway =>


    • Hi Impixie,

      Thank you for dropping us a visit and for giving it a go at the giveaway.
      We are sorry that we wont be able to offer the voucher to you this time.
      Do stay tuned to our blog as we have more upcoming free giveaways!

      Roland & Priscilla

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