Birthday Raw Food Feast- The Living Cafe (New Dinner Menu!)

My girlfriends asked me where I wanted to go for my birthday celebration and I was really excited to try the latest dinner menu at The Living Cafe! They did some modifications to their previous menu and added many interesting new items! Even the space looks slightly different and more spacious than before.


We started with the soup of the day (pumpkin) $10 and the flavour tasted really yummy and smooth. The garlic bread was crunchy and tasted super fresh.


Next, we had “Cheese” plate with assorted nut cheeses with flaxseed crackers $12. It was seriously awesome! The cranberry nut cheese was really unique and the sour cream nut cheese tasted really similar to the real deal.


I could not resist ordering my favourite living lasagne $22. It was made with layered zucchini with taco meat and cashew nut cheez. Sadly, they increased the price and kept the portion.


The highlight of the evening for us was definitely pumpkin dahl $18 made of a goulash of roasted pumpkin and red lentils served with brown rice. It was yummy and was surprisingly very filling and super comforting.


We also had taco meat lettuce boat and I cannot remember how much this cost. It was the special of the day and it tasted too raw and was not as satisfying as we hoped.


The worst dish of the day was raw shepherd’s pie $18. It tasted really raw and was quite hard to swallow. It was made of celery, tomatoes, broccoli, zucchini and fennel with topping of miso mashed cauliflower. The presentation was quite weak and my poor friend had to down pumpkin dahl to finish this dish:(


We also ordered LCD falafel salad $15 to share and it contained lentils, pomelo and grapefruit with orange salsa and coconut yogurt. Sadly they gave us a really stingy portion of dressing and we had a hard time trying to finish this up as well.


The highlight was definitely the raw desserts and it did not disappoint! We had the orange cheesecake $5 and dark chocolate cake $8.50 and both were delicious!


I bought home a new raw cake called pistachio lime tart $8.50 and it was super good as well. I cannot wait to return to have more raw desserts and the pumpkin dahl again! We will be moving near the living cafe in less than a month’s time! To more lovely raw dinners:)

Address: 779 Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 269758
Phone:+65 6762 8029
Opening Hours: 1
1am-10pm Daily

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