Warm Raw Brownie- Real Food Cafe at West Coast Plaza

We were so thrilled to find out that Real Food has a new outlet at West Coast Plaza, near where we stay! Sadly, the outlet is often closed and I believe they are still in the midst of fine-tuning their fixed opening hours. The safest days to visit from our observation are Fridays, Saturdays and Sunday! They also mentioned that they are opened daily from 11.30-8.30pm.


The first item we tried was soy yogurt $6.80 with banana, peanuts, blueberries and strawberries. It did not taste like any usual yogurt and did not have any milky aftertaste. The toppings were generous and we thought this dish was really quite lovely! Sadly, I double checked on all their websites and cannot find the menu for west coast plaza as it was printed vegan. But the menu at other outlets were all printed as organic dairy yogurt! Another item we spotted which was misleading was vegan free range egg sandwiches in the menu at West Coast Plaza! We believe the management might need to look into the accuracy of their menu before printing them.


We ordered pan fried potato wedges $6.80 seasoned with salt and pepper and this tasted really bland!


We got mushroom udon noodles and loved the spicy chilli sauce that came with it. Other than that, it was not a dish to shout about.


Our favourite dish at Real food cafe has got to be aglio olio $8.80 (which is a dollar more than other outlets)! But it still tasted as good.

IMG_1671 IMG_1675

We spotted two new desserts and decided to try a warm raw brownie which was really yummy and a raspberry lime cheesecake which looked as good as it tasted. Both of them were really expensive for such a small portion which was not a good deal as compared to the living cafe. 

154 West Coast Road
(West Coast Plaza)
Singapore 127371
T: +65 68721440

3 thoughts on “Warm Raw Brownie- Real Food Cafe at West Coast Plaza

  1. So much hype about Real Food Cafe but when I finally tried their stuff (at the Clarke Quay outlet), I would call them Real Fraud Cafe lol
    Sure, their dumpling noodles wasn’t too bad, probably due to the sauce. But the salad I had was crazily overpriced (even if it was organic). Observing its patrons, I’d say maybe this place is more for the trying to look cool while eating ‘healthy food’ people – unfortunately, most of their dishes aren’t healthy, imho. And I don’t mean just those meat dishes.

    • Aha! Your comments are so honest:)
      It is true their portions are quite tiny for their prices and I am curious which dishes you found unhealthy?
      We believe they do not use any processed mock stuff but fresh vegetables in their menu.

      Priscilla & Roland

  2. Yes most of their ingredients for the vegan items are generally fine but I’d prefer less reliance on ‘fried’ (oil), ‘drizzling’ of oil (their drizzle is too much – I’ve tried their salad, and really why do you need to put oil in your salads?) and stuff like mayo. Even the ‘grilled stuff veggie’ I tried – the grilled veggie(s) were coated in thick oil. Vegan or not, these are high in fat and stuff like olive oil is actually toxic. Alright if you eat this once in a few mths, it’s alright but really this is just typical practice of the gourmet raw food/vegan scene which is actually very unhealthy in the long term.

    They could rely more on fruit dressings for their salads instead, for e.g., to make things more ‘palatable’. But I guess it’s more tedious than just drizzling oil and mayo etc over it and it’d probably lead them to mark up prices even more. Plus general crowd just too addicted to fats. Doesn’t make them all bad people, mind you.

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