Lentil Kebabs & Satay Skewers Kebabs- ROTI Alkas Kitchen


A week back, ROTI  Alkas Kitchen invited us over for a casual luncheon and here are some yummy dishes we tried! First we had Grilled Mutton Tikka marinated overnight in a tomato base sauce with indian spices  and served on skewers $3 for 2 sticks . Hubby Ro loved this dish so much. It reminded him of the satay we once had at Penang and we think it was one of the best mock satay sticks in town!



Next we had lentils and vegetables kebabs $5 served with mint chutney. This was my favourite dish! It tasted really fresh and so delicious I popped so many of them and wanted more!


We tried Baigan Bharta $8, mashed and roasted bringal with indian spices. The flavours were fantastic and had a slightly sweet after taste to them. It went so well with the following parathas we had.



We were given two types of parathas. One is  Aloo-gobi Paratha $3.50 each, potato and cauliflower stuffed whole wheat flat bread. In India, it is usually serve in the morning with butter but in Singapore it is served with lentils and without butter. They are famous for this! We also had Methi Pratha $3.50 each, fenugreek leaves kneaded into a whole-wheat dough. It was served hot and crispy and tasted much healthier and less oily than the usual prata.



We also tried Pani puri (known as chaats) $5.50, fried puff-pastry balls filled with spiced mashed potato, spiced water and tamarind juice. We dare say it was one of the best chaats we have eaten in Singapore! We challenge you to head down and be impressed:)


We also had a generous portion of briyani with mock meat $6.50 and the portion you see is what we got a few times before this media invite. It was definitely value for money and quite different from the usual briyani rice in most indian restaurants. This version was fluffy and tasty with every bite (with chunky loads of mock meat). You can order plain briyani if you prefer them without the mock meats.


The last dish we had been Tikka Chole $5.50, potato croquette with chickpeas (Chef’s recommendation!) and it also comes as a set meal with their signature homemade wholewheat wrap. It was another special dish we usually would not have order which came as a lovely yummy surprise.

We would like to thank Chef Mehta and her daughter Kavita for this media invite and we found out that Chef Mehta was the winner of the Family Food Legacy cooking competition where she impressed the judges with her famous tikki chole (potato croquette with chickpeas). She learnt her awesome cooking skills from her mother and she is keen to share and carry forward her family recipes to more people in Singapore. One thing we noticed was that Chef Methia cooks from her heart with lots of love and passion and she was a real delight to talk to over the luncheon. We cannot wait for more yummy recipes from this restaurant and we will be back very soon!

West Coast Plaza

154 West Coast Road #B1-22/23 Singapore 127371

Open daily 10am-10pm

Tel: 67740422

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