Mr & Mrs Vegan TURNS ONE!:)


OMG! Time flies, it has been exactly a year since we turned vegan since Jan 22 2013! We were so lucky to meet so many wonderful vegan/vegetarian new friends and bloggers and sponsors too. In this new year, we hope to blog more (I know we have been lacking in updates), share more personal stories with vegan lovers and animal lovers.

We are looking at hosting or shouting out more vegan/vegetarian events specially for this wonderful community. Do let us know if you guys have any suggestions on ways we can improve our blog or anything you think we need to know now!

We thank each and everyone of you who follows our blog and you guys have been such a great part of our journey. To another great year everyone!


Roland & Priscilla

2 thoughts on “Mr & Mrs Vegan TURNS ONE!:)

    • Hey Ashely,

      Thank you for the cheers:)
      We are thinking of hosting one intimate one at our new home after CNY.
      To gather a few vegan/vegetarian bloggers together.
      Will buzz you the date to check if you are free!

      Ro & Pris

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