Crispy Shrooms and Yummy Delights at Newly Opened Loving Hut- Joo Chiat

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The latest and most happening vegan restaurant to visit in 2014 has got to be Loving Hut @ Joo Chiat! This place is so hip and wonderfully done up, we could stay there for hours.

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First, we tried the smoothies and they were really yummy! We tried avocado coconut and lime green smoothie (both priced at $7.90) and both were so good we wanted more. If you are craving for an asian desert with a touch of coconut try the avocado version. But if you are looking for something thirst quenching the lime will be a great option. They come served in glass straws too! Wow.


We also tried hazelnut cocoa $5.90 and it was quite sweet and we wished it had a darker chocolate taste to it. Hopefully they will start creating dark chocolate drinks!


We ordered 2 soups. The first was dumpling soup $6.90 and the broth was soothing and flavourful. There was a slight touch of sweetness to it as well. The dumplings fillings were great but I wished the skin was less thick and starchy.


We got tomato soup $6.90 to share and it was surprisingly creamy and tasted home-made. We wished this portion was bigger and that the croutons could have been crispier.


The best dish in our opinion was the crispy shrooms $7.90 (oyster mushrooms) sprinkled with paprika powder. The coating was just right and was crispy and juicy at the same time. It came with tar tar sauce and ketchup and it was so good we ordered another one to share.


Next, one of the main dishes arrived and it was a big pot of soy milk laksa $8.90. One thing awesome about this place is the size of most of their dishes. The portions were quite generous and the toppings were plentiful. This dish had a good balance of spiciness and I loved the additional toppings of vegetables too.


We also tried their mee pok dry $8.90 and it was almost twice the portion you get from normal hawker stalls. The flavours were rich and the fillings were just right. I cannot describe how happy we were eating there!




I was really curious to try the Nyonya Rendang crepe $13.90. How would an eggless crepe taste like? When it came, it was really light and fluffy and had a slight crunch too. The fillings were really yummy and was packed with mushrooms, potatoes and green peas. The french fries and salad on the sides were in the right portions too.

We were not expecting much as we have eaten at other Loving Hut outlets in Singapore. This new concept menu they created really brings the restaurant to another level. We cannot wait to return to try all their yummy goodness. They even have a CNY dinner menu too. Despite the prices being on the slightly high side, this place is really perfect for a first date, a group gathering or even for a work meeting!

Joo Chiat Restaurant
Address: 229 Joo Chiat Road
Soft launch from 18 January 2014 (Saturday).
Operating daily 11am-2.30pm, 5.30pm-9.30pm (9pm last order)

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