Vegan Western Food at School Canteen Prices- Little Prince Cuisine at Ngee Ann Polytechnic


A couple of weeks back, Luke from Hungry Ang Mo asked us along for a food tasting session at Little Prince Cuisine. Little did we know, Chef James is quite a legend in the vegetarian scene in Singapore. We had the priviledge to meet him and tasted Singapore’s most affordable vegan western meals. Most of the items at his stall were priced between $3-$5.

The best dish of the day was Fish and Chips $4.50. We love the crumbly texture and the taste of the soy mock meat had a pleasant fishy taste.


The only dish which was quite disappointing was aglio olio $3.80. I was expecting an italian style version but it tasted more like fried chinese pasta. The ingredients were plentiful and looked really appetising. I was able to taste balsamic vinegar used as part of the sauce too. If you are looking for an alternative aglio olio pasta with lots of vegetables. This would make you smile.


The next two dishes used the same soy meat steak base and tasted quite similar but had different names. This was fried chicken $4.50 and we were impressed that the sauces Chef James used were all vegan! We are fans of big chunky fries so the version used in all the meals were too skinny and hard. But for that price we cannot complain!



The last dish was grilled chicken chop $4.50 and we were told the soy meat steak was grilled and although the smoky taste was overpowered by the creamy sauce. We found this dish much better than the fried version. It tasted more juicy and tender.

When we were there, a student from Ngee Ann Polytechnic was seen ordering mashed potatoes around 8pm (the time when the stall closes). Instead of rejecting the student, Chef James went back into his stall to whip it up just for him. Wow! We were really impressed by his dedication and heart to serve and we wished we had such awesome cheap yummy vegetarian food when we were students. The stall is open to the public and is located in a spacious and air-conditioned environment food court.

The stall serves japanese bento sets and local hawker food delights too which we cannot wait to return to try them all!

Little Prince Cuisine
Location: 535 Clementi Rd, Blk 51, Level 2 Ngee Ann Polytechnic (Makan Place)
Contact: 91871461/97815334
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10.30am-8.30pm.  Sat 10.30am-2.30pm.  Closed Sunday.

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