Chinese Reunion Feast at Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant (Quality hotel)

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Hope everyone had an awesome Chinese New Year break and although this post came too late, we still want to blog about how good our reunion dinner was. Lotus vegetarian restaurant at Quality Hotel was one of the rare places that offer buffet menu for customers and my parents have heard great reviews of their food. So off we went with another 10 more family members for a evening of feasting. Each dish was so good, we wiped out everything all at once. The good thing about the menu was majority of the items were stewed dishes which was healthy, tasty and not heaty. We have eaten at many chinese vegetarian restaurants that offers tonnes of mock meat and fried dishes which can be quite a bore and taste quite gross after a while. Imagine our surprise when most dishes were fresh vegetables with beautiful sounding names! The best dish of the night had got to be the chicken rice!! OMG! It was so good, we were snatching to eat the second round which we did not have many to go around. The rice was so fragrant with the accompanying chilli and we want to go back again to have it with the soup too.

Quality Hotel Marlow

201 Balestier Road, Singapore 329926

Daily Operation Hours

Lunch from 1130hrs to 1500hrs
Dinner from 1800hrs to 2200hrs

For reservations, call Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant at (65) 6254 0090/91.

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