Vegan western food at Jiv Jago Cafe, Bali Lane CLOSED DOWN

IMG_5651 IMG_5808

Fish & Chips  + Special Request Vegan Salad

Singapore is growing in numbers with new vegetarian cafes and we are so excited to blog about this new cafe which opened a few months back at Bali Lane! Run by a pair of enthusiastic young couple who never fails to bring smiles to the table, we have been back to Jiv Jago Cafe a couple of times and always leave feeling satisfied. The only thing we wished they would carry would be more vegetable salad options. Almost every dish is loaded with carbohydrates and the only salad which they so kindly made vegan was also quite creamy. Hopefully they could consider adding some grilled vegetable options which we think will go brilliantly with the menu they are serving currently. As you can tell from the pictures, Jiv Jago Cafe portions comes in a good size and prices starts from $8.50 for a pasta. We love the pasta selections there, especially the pasta arriabata which they always get it right. We have never tried the pizza offerings as they are non-vegan and would recommend the beef burger which had a really good bbq flavour to it.Overall, this place is perfect for a friend’s night out or a date too. They also serve a lime ice cream sorbet which was surprising refreshing and creamy! Imagine our joy when we heard  it was vegan! It cost $3.50 per cup. Did we share that one half of the couple, the pretty chef is the daughter of one of Singapore most loved indian vegetarian restaurant Gokul?

IMG_5810 IMG_5811 IMG_5812

Addres: 17 Bali Lane

Open: Mon-Sat, 12pm-10pm

Phone: 9679 6722

For reservations, email them at

They hold private parties, venue hire and also dancing and candle making classes as well!

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