Eight course vegeterian set menu at SUFOOD, Raffles City


Last Thursday, we were invited to the media-tasting session at the newly opened SUFOOD pronounced as 舒服. SUFOOD is a new meat-free dining concept hailing from Taiwan’s largest restaurant chain operator WOWPRIME in collaboration with local PUTIEN. The menu is Italian-inspired with a playful cross-fusion approach to culinary creations. The first dish served was the SUFOOD trio appetizer which the staff explained must be eaten from left to right. I bite into poached japanese Yuca root drizzled with a sweet blueberry coulis, and tried a stack of oriental white water snowflakes greens coated with creamy sesame sauce. They were my favourite! The attention to details and the presentation was really special. Last I tried a savoury cherry tomato jelly which tasted too sour for my liking. The next item was the vinegar drink which was also sour and I understood from the chef that folks in Taiwan like to kick start their meal with something sour to kill off any oily feeling in their stomach and to tantalize their taste buds before their main dishes. I found the sour taste slightly hard to bear and would most likely skip the jelly the next time I visit.


Next the rosemary breadsticks arrived with choices of mustard or non-dairy blueberry dip. We chose the latter and was surprised to find the breadstick soft instead of it being crunchy and hard. Soon after, our salad arrived and I had the mushroom salad with garlic and onions. Each dish is labelled with a garlic, onion, milk or cream label when you are making your order. The salad was cold but refreshing and I finished it in an instant.

IMG_9668_2       IMG_9691_2 IMG_9692

On my table, I had a few other guests and we tried each other’s soup of the day which ranged from pumpkin soup, mushroom and pea pottage to herbal root soup. My favourites were the mushroom pea soup and the root soup, they were not only flavourful but had a really comforting effect. My pumpkin soup tasted quite bland and was nothing to shout about.

IMG_9695  IMG_9698_2

Our mains arrived shortly and out of all the mains I tried, my favourites were the charcoal tagliatelle pasta with king oyster mushroom and the pesto spaghetti pasta. I did not managed to try the rest as they came with cheese.

IMG_9670_2 IMG_9699_2IMG_9697_2

They even provided disposable gloves for guests eating the vegetable pita pockets. Although it might not be too environmental friendly in the long run.

IMG_9673_2 IMG_9704_2

I had the baked potato al funghi and the presentation was super lovely! The portion size was really big and I could hardly finish the dish after what I ate earlier. The baked potato came with more mushrooms and peppers and I had a mushroom overload which was quite rare. I love mushroom but felt that this dish was quite an overkill. I wished it had a sauce to dip with but I loved the side radishes that came with it. They were surprisingly yummy and delightful!

IMG_9705_2 IMG_9706_2

For dessert, I went with osmanthus flower jelly with hot yuzu camomille tea and I loved both of them. The texture of the cold jelly with the hot tea was perfect. They also serve other dairy products like sesame panna cotta and lime juices and a varied choices of fruit juices to end off your meal.

IMG_9707_2 IMG_9708_2

This concept is definitely a first of its kind in Singapore and for this varied range of food items at $25++, we think it is a great deal. They have a lunch menu 6 course set that starts from $18++. A la carte is also available at your preference. To include an extra main course,  all you need is to add $12.80 per course; a starter or soup is priced at $5.80; a salad is priced at $7.80; a dessert or drink is priced at $4.80 per item. Most dishes can be made vegan and there are quite a handful of vegan selections to keep any diners happy.

The first SUFOOD outlet in Singapore officially opens on 28 May 2014.

Address: #02-19 at Raffles City shopping centre 252 bridge road singapore 179103.

Their opening Hours are 11.30am – 3.30pm5.30pm – 10.00pm daily.

Contact number:6333 5338



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