Vegan Korean Food at The Boneless Kitchen, Jalan Bukit Merah

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This is really a season to rejoice as so many new vegetarian haunts are popping around Singapore! One that we really like is run by two good friends who started The Boneless Kitchen as one of them was a born vegetarian. They decided to enter the highly competitive vegetarian food industry with a cuisine that is rare for vegetarians/vegans to find in Singapore! Although this cafe is more vegetarian friendly than vegan friendly, it does offer customers a good selection of asian (korean) and western dishes to choose from. Their new menu which can still be improved showcases each dish with a cheese or eggs icon. I really wonder if real kimchi soup from Korea contains cheese? Does anyone have an answer to that? The staff was prompt in accommodating our request to eliminate any dairy products. The highlight dish of this cafe has got to be their Kimchi army stew $7. Who can resist instant noodles with hot spicy kimchi broth? The portion is good for one and whets one’s appetite. I wished they will swap the sticky rice mochi with something else instead as it did not gel well with the soup. Or maybe that is a personal preference as I spotted a lady opposite us ordering the rich mochi as a side dish to add on.


We also tried the dolsot bibimpap $7.50 and we chose tom yam paste and the taste turned out quite strange. It might be better to go with red pepper paste and we found the mixture of both tom yam with the rice too odd as a korean dish. We might have to try it again to do another review. They also offer curry and kimchi paste as well.


We ordered kimchi stew $7 with rice and we loved the soup very much. It was hearty and filled with lots of vegetables. We cannot stop drinking the soup and went on to order another portion to share.


Our parents ordered kimchi fried rice $6 and as they were not vegans they added an egg on top of their order. They told me it was not too bad but after trying our kimchi stew soup, they preferred ours (the one with eggs and cheese)!


One dish that we tried recently after their new picture menu was out was the braised beancurd (spicy/non-spicy) $3 each. When it came, it looked pretty ordinary but after the first bite we all loved it. It was fried lightly and we could taste the crisp texture on the outside but once we started eating it, the tofu melts in the mouth. It may sound like an exaggeration but it was done well. The sauce and chilli complemented this simple dish and we suggest you try the non-spicy one first to enjoy the flavour.


As this cafe is does not use garlic and onions, we tried aglio olio $5.50 and was warned that it does not taste like the usual deal. It does not look appetizing at first and indeed it does not have the fragrance from the garlic or onions but it made up with the good portions of mushrooms and tasted more like a western style stir-fry noodle dish. It tasted more chinese than western for sure and I think they can skip the mock meat ham slices and use fresh vegetables instead. Overall, a cozy place to get an inexpensive meal and thumbs up for the young bosses for daring to go vegetarian for their first business venture!

The Boneless Kitchen
Blk 11 Jalan Bukit Merah #03-4458 S(150011)
Contact number 90232725
Tues – Sun 11:30am – 9pm (last order 8:30pm)

3 thoughts on “Vegan Korean Food at The Boneless Kitchen, Jalan Bukit Merah

  1. traditional kimchi soup has no cheese and eggs! only within recent years did some people in korea started adding it into the soup, but it isn’t too common. (:

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