Real Hut Cafe at Sims Place


Real Hut is the latest vegan/vegetarian food cafe that has sprouted out this year. The ambience of the cafe is cozy and is conveniently located right beside an open air carpark under a block of flats.


Daily specials are scribbled on the black board and I visited this cafe thrice and sadly did not find the food outstanding or particularly amazing. Most of the dishes tasted bland or was just too light in flavour. I am not sure if it was the mix of flavours that was lacking or it was my appetite for the day. Presentation of the food was pleasant and the food came promptly.


Black Sesame noodles with veggie sushi

IMG_0014 IMG_0015

Tomato bean soup with rice


Bean paste noodles


Fried taro rolls


Vegan carrot cake


India set meal


Kimchi ramen

The cafe is known for its set meals which cost about S$8.90 ++ which includes a main and a side dish. The set meal portions are of good size and they have a dessert counter with daily dessert selections. Sadly, the only dessert I have eaten there was the vegan carrot cake which was not too bad but tasted too dry and weak with the coconut dressing on the top. I had wished it was more moist and crumbly with lots of walnuts. I have yet to return so far but from the pictures shared on their facebook page, they seem to be offering more daily specials and their dark chocolate vegan cake looks really good.

Block 46 Sims Place #01-197 Singapore 380046

Phone: 6846 9976

Open Mon- Sun: 11am-8.30pm

Closed on Wednesday


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