Cinnamon Snail Food Truck- NYC


After a morning free walking tour around NYC, we felt hungry and decided to hunt down The Cinnamon Snail food truck! They change location every day and their locations are posted the day itself or the day before on their facebook page. We saw that their location was very near Central station and decided to head there for lunch.

IMG_8980 IMG_8981

When we finally located the truck, we saw a snaking long queue of working crowd customers and some students and tourists like us.

IMG_8982 IMG_8984

I really wanted to try their signature cinnamon buns and guess what all the popular flavours have sold out:( We reached around 2 in the afternoon and almost all their desserts were gone. Even the crepes on their menu were gone. The only available items left were the sandwiches and we each got one to try.


Once you make your order, you make payment and the staff will get your name and call you when the order is ready. Sounds exactly like ordering starbucks coffee. Just that there is no free wifi, no seats and no weather plan solutions. After about 15 minutes wait, it was lunch time I supposed, our food came in recycling brown paper bags.


We had thai bbq tempeh (with pickled red onions and thai basil, arugula, smoked chilli roasted peanuts, and sriracha mayonnaise on grilled spelt bread USD$9) and maple mustard tempeh sandwich (on grilled spelt bread with roasted garlic aioli, kale, tomato and onion USD$8) and they were both superb. The tempeh was so juicy and the sauces worked really well with it. Best part most of the greens are fresh kale or arugula!

IMG_8988 IMG_8989

Our friends Vidhya and Jayant got smoked portobello mushroom carpaccio (with roasted red onion fig mustard, arugula, caramelized onions and roasted lemon dijon dressing on grilled baguette USD$9). As you can see from their expression, we had such an enjoyable meal and the sandwiches were filling and so yummy. Sadly, we did not have another day left to visit them as their next locations were out of town. If you enjoy hunting down good food, want a quick filling bite with good quality ingredients and flavours, you have to chase The Cinnamon Snail down!


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