Vegan Pizza Spread- Cafe Viva,New York City

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One of the most touristy thing to do in NYC is to have a picnic at Central Park and we thought it will be perfect if we could have vegan pizzas while enjoying the cool breeze around the park. I did some research and found Cafe Viva, a brick and mortar shop (they do home delivery as well). They have tonnes of options for the pizza crust such as regular crust, whole-wheat crust, whole free yeast free crust, gluten free crust and even spelt crust. What caught our attention was the wide selection of vegan cheese pizzas which cannot be found in Singapore.

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The pizzas and desserts are carefully labelled vegan and the types of crust they serve. Once you have selected your pizza, it will take about 10-15 minutes for the staff to heat them up for you. While waiting, we had minestrone, the soup of the day and it was perfect for a really cold day.



I cannot remember which pizzas we bought but we had 3 different selections. Namely the mother earth USD$5.10/slice, the zen USD$6.25/slice and the natural USD $4.25/slice if I remember them correctly. Some of them came with daiya cheese, crumbled vegan egg scramble and tonnes of vegetables.


All the crust were thin and crispy.


The others loved the vegan egg crumble and we were all full after one slice!

IMG_8330 IMG_8332 IMG_8317 IMG_8302

Look at us pigging out at the gorgeous park and finishing every crumb of the pizzas we bought!

Address: 2578 Broadway, New York NY, 10031

  • Open daily from 11am-1045pm

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