Blossom on Carmine- West Village, NYC

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Another fine dining place we visited in NYC was Blossoms on Carmine. We chose the one at west village as we wanted to check out the shops around the neighbourhood. We arrived around 6.30pm in the evening and was quite lucky to get seats for four despite the restaurant running on full reservations that evening. Sadly, like any fine dining restaurants the lighting is always an issue when it comes to photography. So do not mind those dim looking shots below as we only got an iphone with us.

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The signature dish we were told by the waiter was to try the fried pickles with black peppercorn ranch USD$8. The sauce was really good and went perfectly to balance the bitterness of the pickles.


We next tried buffalo risotto croquettes with blue cheese sauce USD $10 and was quite surprised the blue cheese flavour was as similar as the real deal. Sadly the sauce was so little and the croquettes felt a little dry.


We ordered sauteed brussel sprouts USD$7 with garlic and shallots and the flavours were cooked so well together


For the larger plates, we got ourselves mac and cheese with soy parmesan USD18 but felt it was too starchy and the creamy texture felt too dry as well. We have had better ones when we make them at home:P


We got picatta with pan seared seitan cutlets, lemon/white wine/caper sauce, truffled mashed potato, sauteed kael USD 20. This dish was as impressive as we realized seitan items in US are of really good standards. This dish had a really good blend of all the flavours coming together with a touch of crispness from the fried seitan.


We also got “salmon” tofu with beet-marinated tofu, creamy dill sauce, lobster mushroom scallops, forbidden black rice, fennel, leeks, broccolini USD20. I was hoping this was the best dish as the dish name sounds so good and the presentation was lovely! Sadly, the ingredients did not gel well together and I felt the tofu salmon was quite tasteless but the black rice and grilled vegetables held the dish better together.


The final main dish we got was barbecue tempeh with horseradish creme fraiche, roasted russet potatoes, summer corn/pico salad and sliced avocado USD19. This was the best dish of the evening, the tempeh was marinated so well and was so soft. It went perfectly well with the corn and sliced avocado.


For desserts, we got peanut butter and chocolate ganache with vanilla ice cream USD10. There was nothing to shout about this dish as the cake was served cold instead of warm and somehow it just felt like an ordinary dish.


We were really excited to try the  tiramisu for USD 12 but the flavours tasted like a coconut mousse instead. We were hoping it will taste like the creamy, rich coffee-like flavour a tiramisu is known for. Sadly the desserts were quite disappointing so we ended up heading to a chocolate bar to have some dark chocolate cocktail along the same street as the restaurant. If we had a choice, we might return for the lunch menu instead.

Blossom on Carmine

West village 41 Carmine Street between Bedford & Bleecker Street

Phone: 646 438 9939

Opening hours: Lunch daily: 12-3.30pm, Monday to Saturday Dinner: 5-10pm and Sunday Dinner 5-9pm


We tried chocolate cocktails and wine for the first time and was pleasantly surprised it was really tasty!


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