Soy & Sake Vegan Sushi- West Village, NYC

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On our last day in NYC, we decided to try something asian and chanced upon Soy and Sake along West Village (about 5-10 minutes walking distance away from Blossoms in Carmine). We saw the menu and realized most items were vegan and cannot wait to try their bento set! The first dish we ordered was chicken satay- charbroiled marinated soy chicken skewers served with tangy peanut chilli dipping sauce USD8. I was expecting the same mock meat styles we were used to in Singapore but was pleasantly surprised the flavours were quite good and tasted really tender.


Next we ordered a bento set each and hubby chose Soy chicken katsu curry with miso soup, salad, gyoza, california roll and edamame US16. The set came promptly and boy was it a spread! Each item tasted so good we ended up finishing our meal really quickly!


Our friends ordered the vegetable tempura set with miso soup, salad, gyoza, california roll and edamame USD16 and being fans of tempura, I loved this vegan version. It was crispy, tasty and the dipping sauce was cold just as I like it to be!

IMG_9294 IMG_9295

Besides the bento sets shared by each couple, we also ordered two of their signature vegan sushi rolls. We ordered Dragon roll with soy eel, cucumber top with avocado USD13 and Inari Roll with kampyo, avocado, crunchy top with tofu skin and spicy vegan mayo USD 13. Both were so tasty! We ordered one more each to share. Hopefully one day, singapore’s japanese vegetarian restaurants can start serving vegan mayo just like how USA or even Penang does!


Soy & Sake Village Vegetarian Cafe

Address: 47-29 7th Avenue South (Between Bleecker & Morton)

Phone: (21) 255 2848

Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs 12pm-11pm, Fri-Sat 12pm-12 midnight, Sun 12pm-11pm

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