Ethos Vegan Kitchen- Orlando (Highly Recommended)

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We were in Orlando for a few days and tried Ethos Vegan Kitchen, we daresay it was one of the BEST vegan restaurants we have ever eaten. The food was substantial, the prices were affordable and the service was brilliant. If you are in Orlando, you have to rent a car and head there everyday!

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We had the soup of the day: Tomato soup (cup size USD2.95) made from scratch from their kitchen every day. It was really comforting and really smooth in texture.


We also had Spinach Salad (Small USD4.95) which included mixed spring greens loaded with fresh apples, crunchy raw walnuts, plump raisins and sliced red onions tossed with fresh spinach and finished with Orange-ginger dressing. The dressing was particularly refreshing and was a light appetizer to the huge mains we ordered.


We ordered another soup to share and this black bean soup was made with black beans, onions, carrots and red and green peppers seasoned then slow-cooked to perfection topped with sour cream and diced red onions (Cup USD2.95).IMG_8556

When our mains arrived, we went crazy! The portions were huge compared to so many other places we have eaten. It was finally comfort American food we have been hoping to get. First up was Pecan Encrusted Eggplant with a slice of eggplant encrusted with pecans, sauteed and finished with red wine sauce and served with mashed potatoes and gravy and today’s vegetable USD13.25. This dish sounded as good as it looked and it tasted like a “tender fish” fillet with juicy soft eggplants.


The next dish was carb heavy and hands down the best Mac’ n Cheese ‘n Peas USD5.95 we have ever tasted!!! The elbow macaroni, cheddar and peas with seitan add USD2.50 was super creamy, flavourful and just out of the world yummy. It tasted like the real deal and did not have any weird mock cheese flavours at all.


We ordered coconut curry wrap USD8.95 with grilled tofu coated in curried veganaise and tossed with celery, raisins, raw walnuts, coconut and mixed greens wrapped in a spinach tortilla. Sadly this dish was not as good as it sounded. We found that the flavours tasted really strange with the coconut aftertaste and it was definitely one of the healthier and lighter dish that evening.


We also shared a Yo Mama’s Lasagna which had five layers of lasagna noodles, mozzarella, marinara sauce and vegetables (zucchini, squash, spinach and onions) served with garlic bread USD11.25. The melting top layer of cheese was incredible, we tried asking them what kind of cheese they use but sadly was told it was the restaurant secret recipe! Overall, this again tasted like a real deal and we were able to relish those good memories of eating cheese. One thing to note is that the top layer of cheese does have a slight resemblance to the stringy texture used on pizzas.


We ended the night with chocolate amaretto mousse USD3.75, a silky smooth chocolate mousse laced with Amaretto and topped with whipped cream and sliced almonds. OMG!! It taste sooooo good and incredibly dark too. The whipped cream was so smooth and everything went together like a perfect match. For that price, we each had our own to savour!


Being greedy and such fans of this restaurant, we ordered a chocolate milk shake with vanilla ice cream and soy milk topped with a dollop of whipped cream and a cherry USD4.95. It was so delish but by then we were so stuffed we were not able to truly enjoy every sip of it! It was creamy heaven and all of us were on sugar high as we celebrated our last night in Orlando.

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Here are some memories of us goofing around Orlando and a road trip to Miami!!!

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Ethos Vegan Kitchen

601-B South New York Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789

Phone: 407-228-3898


Opening hours: Monday to Friday 11am-11pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am-11pm

Brunch menu is available from 9am-3pm on weekends and regular menu starts from 12pm to 11pm.

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