Chinese Food at Vista Cay’s Resort- Orlando


We arrived in Orlando late at night and by the time we were ready for dinner, most places have closed. In our apartment, we saw a flyer selling chinese takeaway food in our apartment vicinity. We decided to head there to check it out and was relieved they were still open.


We cannot remember what the name of our dishes were called but from the look of it, it was easy to guess what we ordered. Prices ranged from USD 5- 18 for different portions and ingredients. It was not a vegetarian chinese restaurant but they do have a page filled with vegetarian options. The tofu vegetables soup came in a huge portions but sadly it was way too salty. We had to inform the waiter to add more water to dilute the overall taste.


Fried rice with broccoli was quite oily but overall satisfying as we have not had rice since our vegan sushi meal in NYC.


We also got fried noodles with assorted vegetables and found that the sauce was too salty.


The only dish we felt was the best was Mapo spicy tofu which was not spicy for Asian standards.



Like any chinese restaurant in USA, they gave us each a fortune cookie as a goodbye gift and we all had a good laugh over our fortunes! To find this restaurant, check with Vista Cay resort reception counter. It is the only one in Vista Cay resort and is very near the supermarket we visited (as shared in my previous mail) and right opposite a pizza joint.

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