Vegan Cuts Subscription Box from USA

Screen shot 2013-12-05 at AM 10.23.57 IMG_3329

I was going through my saved drafts and realized I missed this overdue post! Last year, we received a lovely parcel from Vegan Cuts from USA! They have one of the coolest vegan snack subscription in the world. Each subscription cost US$19.95 and everything in the box is a surprise, some items are not even out in stores yet. Each box contains 7-10 vegan goodies to your doorstep. They offer free shipping in US and finally they are also shipping internationally at an additional US$15! We got a bundle of them and we enjoyed all the different flavours and goodies they have. Each item is uniquely different and you will get a wide range of sweet, sour, crunchy to savoury treats to munch on. We loved the snapea crisps the most (hint* they are sold on iherb) though we are usually not huge fans of peas but this snack has the right amount of salt, flavour and crunch. A few close friends of ours saw our mystery box and wanted to try some snacks. We gave it to them and guess what, they are now subscribing to Vegancuts!

The other box they offer is the vegan beauty box where you will get a monthly surprise of new and award-winning vegan skincare, beauty and nail products which are hard to find in Singapore. If we have a choice, a Vegan Cuts box a week will be perfect! This box will be a great gift idea for this upcoming holiday season to family and friends who have always had doubts about vegan food.  Their website has also recently expanded to include e-books downloads to vegan fashion finds. We would like to thank the team at Vegancuts for this opportunity to try their products and we looking forward to more vegan inventions from them.

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