Tom Yam Ramen Bento Set- Homemeals


The secret to a fast and quick delicious meal I have been using is using Teng Eng tom yam vegetarian sauce. This bottle is really my favourite brand I have tried so far. It is super easy to whip up ramen, somen, udon, quinoa, rice or even pasta with just this sauce! You can get this bottle from all vegetarian grocery shops.



To get this simple meal I just created, just follow these few steps:

1. Tom Yam ramen (Serving for 5-6 people)

-Pre-cook your noodles/rice/quinoa.

– On a separate bowl, add 3-4 tablespoons of Teng Eng tom yam pasta

– Add 3-4 teaspoons of brown sugar (depends how spicy you can take, the less spicy the more sugar)

– Add hot water to your paste (This depends on how big your noodles/rice/quinoa portions is like)

– Stir the tom yam paste, water and sugar together

– Pour and stir in to mix with your noodles/rice/quinoa

– Topped with fresh vegetables or nuts or seaweed

2. Beancurd Skin (sliced in small slices and stir fry them into crispy bits)

3. Boil edamame beans (use fresh or frozen)


I made it another day with miso dumplings soup on the side.

IMG_3044 IMG_3065

And we love eating our favourite rocket or spinach salad with baked nuts, fresh raspberries, grilled artichokes, sundried tomatoes and kalamata olives!


I also make happy appetizers like white bean puree with crackers and raspberries when I am craving for a healthy snack! There is no excuse that you cannot whip up fast and easy vegan meals despite your busy schedule:)


2 thoughts on “Tom Yam Ramen Bento Set- Homemeals

    • Thank you George:)
      We have a lot to learn from you with regards to eating healthy and using good food substitutes as we heard you are an expert in this after being a vegan for many years!

      Roland & Priscilla

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