Koshari Rice at Fill-a-pita – Shenton House CBD


Fill-a- Pita is the latest falafel stall which opened in Mid of this year 2014. Having read glowing reviews from Luke from Hungry Ang Mo and many other vegetarian instagram bloggers we decided to head down to try Hassan’s food!

IMG_0889  IMG_0893

The first dish we saw everyone eating was Koshari Rice $7.00. It is only available on Thursday and some Fridays. We tried it and LOVED EVERY MOUTHFUL OF IT! The flavours came together so well with a mix of macaroni, rice, and beans topped with fried shallots and a rich tomatoey base. When we wanted to do take aways, it was already sold out. So we suggest coming earlier to get this dish before it runs out!


We tried the falafel pita bread $5.50 and strangely we did not find it as yummy as compared to Pita Pan‘s. The falafels here are less crunchy and definitely tasted more healthy but the lack of choice to add as much toppings as you like kinda made it boring.

IMG_0894 IMG_0895

We ordered a side plate of hummus $2.50 to add on to our pita bread and it tasted creamy and really homemade. The pickles on the other end was quite delightful and was quite a pleasant touch to the heavy meal. Other than that, we found the opening hours the only drawback for us as we do not work in the CBD district.


#01-02 Shenton House, opposite SGX building (Its located inside a coffee shop)

Opening Hours: Mon to Fri 8.00am -3.00pm, Sat 12.30pm-2.30pm, Sun closed

8 thoughts on “Koshari Rice at Fill-a-pita – Shenton House CBD

      • I and my friends love it. We are not vegans, so, we do try the cheese pitas as well. I feel the price range for middle eastern food is quite good compared to other places in Sg. We often spend about 25 for 4 pitas – 3 small, 1 large + pickles + hummus.

        I find the owner very nice and friendly and that is also a plus for me.

      • Yes Boiling!
        We totally agree that Hassan has a great personality and passion for the food he offers!
        The price is definitely a plus factor too:)

        Roland & Priscilla

  1. I thought their falafel pita was quite ho-hum too! I much prefer the falafel pita I can get at Pita Pan, as the latter also lets you add a variety of veggies/pickles (as you mentioned). That said, the service at Pita Pan leaves MUCH to be desired.. especially when compared to the service from the owner at Fill A Pita! So.. all things considered, I guess I’d much rather patronise Fill A Pita (plus the owner is very receptive to feedback too) 🙂

    • Hi Cha Cha,

      Thanks for your thoughts and for checking our blog out!
      I guess it really depends on our moods sometimes..if we want service or just an extra oomph in our falafel toppings:P

      Roland & Priscilla

    • You can always customize your pitas at Fill a pita and ask for pickles/veggies to be included – I ask for olives + pickles though it may not be included in the original recipe

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