Deepavali Vegan Fine Dining Dinner- Organized by Chicks Eat Vegan at Rang Mahal

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Remember us posting about our first Chicks Eat Vegan meet-up at Saint Pierre and loving the concept behind this vegan fine dining meet-up group? This time round, the venue was at Rang Mahal and we were really excited as most indian food are usually cooked with ghee or yogurt.


We started the evening with some pappadum and indian crispy bread (if anyone know what it is called, please leave a comment!) served with some mint chutney, sweet and sour pickles and a refreshing sweet plum tasting sauce.


The dinner began with Amuse Bouche, lime-aloe vera, dry puchka and laccha japanese cucumber. The combination was really refreshing and our favourite was the lime aloe-vera which was not too sweet and thirst-quenching good.


Next we had our first starter, Tawa saffron organic tofu (hot-griddle silken organic tofu infused with saffron, hint of pink peppercorn and served with wholesome assorted sprouts). This was by far our favourite dish of the night. The rich musky flavour went so well with the tofu and the crunchy sprouts. We can still remember the taste even up till today!


Next we tried Gobi and truffle soup made of cauliflower florets with fragrance of truffle and accompanied with ajwain-flavoured Indian shortbread (it tasted like ginger indian spice cookie to us!) This soup tasted really soothing and I am dying to research recipes to recreate this soup.


For our entree dish, we had organic oatmeal and asparagus chilla (healthy pancakes made with oatmeal, arugula salad on side) and made fresh on the spot by the chef as seen below!


IMG_3958 IMG_3960

Before the main course was served, we were given each a rose-water and mint sorbet with edible flowers.


For each meet-up, we are encouraged to stand up and switch places to meet new people. Hence I was in a corner where lighting was not that fantastic so pardon the photos! For our main course, it was served in a glass thali platter and we were spoilt for choice.

We had the following items on our platter:

Sev Tomato Nu Shaak (tomatoes cooked in a tangy gravy topped with crispy vermicelli)

Palak Mustard (crushed spinach fried with spices and mustard) This was done super well!

Home Smoked Bharta (clove-smoked mashed aubergine, tossed with ginger and smoked tomato)

Chowke Mattar (lightly tempered fresh sweet peas)

Panchmel Dal (five different lentils cooked to perfection)

Quinoa Upma (quinoa with crunchy red peppers)

Crispy okra

Served with Miss Roti (bread made of chickpea and wheat flour from a flat pan) and Methi Masala Roti (flat bread made with wheat flour and fresh fenugreek)


You can imagine how stuffed we were after the main course and we were treated to a really unique vegan dessert platter that was really different from any other vegan desserts we have eaten. We had Gund Churma (a rich and flavourful sweet made of whole wheat flour), Gajjar Halwa (freshly made warm carrot pudding with exotic berries) and Brown rice Kheer (healthy brown rice and soy milk pudding enhanced with cinnamon).


Another highlight for us was the fennel and black pepper tea they served alongside some petit fours fruits! They even gifted us a packet of in-house roasted indian spiced cashews each which tasted AMAZING! We cannot stress how enjoyable the dinner was with great company and new friends we met! We are looking forward to a Christmas edition of Chicks Eat Vegan and to all our Hindu friends: HAPPY DEEPAVALI from us:)

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Rang Mahal

Level 3 Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore

7 Raffles Boulevard

Phone: 63331788

Open daily 12 noon – 2.30pm, 6.30-10.30pm

3 thoughts on “Deepavali Vegan Fine Dining Dinner- Organized by Chicks Eat Vegan at Rang Mahal

  1. Hi babe,

    The crispy , yummy , indian bread alongside the papadum is called – khakra!

    The recipe to make it looks pretty straight forward! Should try sometime 🙂


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