Nasi Ulam at The Leaf Healthy House- Georgetown, Penang

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Really proud to be representing Singapore during the recent Georgetown Festival 2014 organized by Tan Kheng Hua under Sin-Pen colony and during my 2 weeks stay in Penang, I went back to The Leaf Healthy House more than 6 times in a roll! If I ever return to Georgetown, this will be the first place I will visit as well:)

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We love how creative they named their soy milk shakes! We kept drinking the Hulk RM7.90 (soy milk, kiwi and apple) and the Minion RM6.90 (soy milk, mango and banana). It was not too sweet and was really filling. It worked great as a breakfast smoothie!


Tomato Spaghetti RM8.90 with fresh tomato sauce

This dish tasted pretty normal and was nothing to shout about. The great thing about The Leaf was how each pasta dish came with side vegetables instead of a fully carb-loaded meal.


The Leaf Spaghetti RM8.90 with basil and pine nuts sauce

This was my all time favourite. The pine nut sauce was so tasty and really well blended. I was surprised no cheese was used in this dish and the pesto sauce tasted really refreshing. The portions were decent but if you are very hungry you could eat 2 plates easily.


Soy milk Jelly RM3.90

Another reason for me to return was this really yummy and super soft soy milk jelly which was so unique. I have never tasted anything as similar and the sliced almond slices really added an extra crunch to this semi-sweet dessert with gula melaka.


Nasi Ulam Rm5.90

This dish sounded strange and did not look that great but IT WAS BEYOND AWESOME! The flavours, the herbs, the vegetables, the chilli and the fresh pineapple wedges together was just the coolest and best combination of flavours ever. I really want to eat this dish again or try to re-make this. I highly recommend this dish and you have to try it to get why I am so excited:) It tasted like a version between fried rice, to lei cha to briyani to a warm salad.


Thai Herbs Spaghetti RM8.90

This tasted really bland and did not have as much thai spicy flavours as I expected.


Potato patty burger as it was stated was just aloo masala potatoes in a bun. Nothing to shout about as the spices were neither spicy or flavourful.


Jawa Spaghetti RM6.90 with fresh tomato and sweet potato sauce

This dish had interesting layers of taste but I was not a big fan as it tasted too sweet for a savoury dish.


Popiah (Fresh spring roll) RM 3.50 for a roll with turnip, lettuce, tofu, seaweed and burdock

Not the best popiah in town as the skin was too thick and was too mushy.

This cafe is in the Little India district and is easy to spot with green plants and a cool looking bicycle right outside.


Address: No.5 Lebuh Penang, 10200 Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11.30am-3pm, 5.30pm-9pm

Saturday 11.30am-9pm, closed on Sunday

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