Best Japanese Food in Malaysia: Sushi Kitchen-Georgetown, Penang

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Ok..maybe we are over exaggerating but Sushi Kitchen was one of the best Japanese restaurant we have ever been to. Even when we were in Japan nothing came close to the two key dishes that blew our minds away. This restaurant is 100% vegan and looks closed from the outside (we almost missed it or thought it was closed). The menu is extensive although we found the place slightly dim (bad for photos) and a little too stuffy!


The first thing you have to order there is the Red Sea Udon RM11.90. It is slightly spicy and taste like tom yam but not exactly it. I asked the owner and she mentioned that the paste is made out of different herbs and spices. We loved this dish so much we came back again and again for it. I ate it twice in a day once as it was such an appetizing dish and the udon was of good texture and portion. Almost each time I was there, I finished every drop of the soup. This was how awesome the dish was.


The next dish we went gaga over was Black Cod Brown Rice Vermicelli Soup RM15.90. This dish was so soothing and not as creamy as it looked, we wished we could get a refill each time we ordered it. When I checked, the owner mentioned the soup base is made of oatmeal!


They are famous for their Golden Age RM12.90 (for 5 pcs) fresh mango sushi roll with vegan mayo dressing. This dish is seasonal and really depends if the owner is able to find ripe and good mangoes for the day.


The only dish we found quite disappointing was the seaweed fried rice RM10.90. Although the presentation was great with the fried rice wrapped around the seaweed, it tasted pretty bland and soggy.


We also tried their signature fried sushi roll (known as global warming). The unique part of this sushi is the crispy outer layer and the rice and fresh ingredients oozes out when you bite into the sushi. The only thing I wished they could do was to serve the sushi dressing cold instead of warm so that the flavours had a stronger contrast.

No.12 Gat Lebuh Acheh 10300 Georgetown, Penang

Opening Hours: Wednesday-Friday 11.30am-9.30pm. Saturday and Sunday 11.30am-2.30pm, 6.30pm-10pm

Closed on Monday and Tuesday

They have another outlet near the airport too and they have started offering vegan cakes!



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