Fried Sesame Bun- Di Shui Fang Vegetarian Restaurant, Georgetown, Penang

IMG_2401 IMG_2403

Another vegetarian restaurant we chanced upon along Lebuh Penang (there are at least 5 vegetarian places around the same area) was Di Shui Fang.  The ambience of the restaurant had many buddhist relics and quotes. We went there during lunch time and the place was packed. The first dish we tried was fried sesame bun, their signature dish Rm2.50/pc. It came hot and cut into 4 equal portions. It reminded us of Char Siew Pau from HK dim sum places and was not too bad. The flavours were quite genuine but we found it a tad too oily.

IMG_2404 IMG_2406 IMG_2408

We ordered the specials of the day RM8.00 and all of them tasted really normal. It was neither satisfying or extremely yummy. The portions were quite small as well. We left wishing we had indian food instead.  The only awesome part was the free wifi!

Address: 16 Penang Street, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

Phone Number: (04) 263 6300

Opening Hours: Tues-Fri 9.00am-6.00pm, Weekend 9.00am-8.00pm. Closed on Mondays

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