A Vegan Commune- An initiative by Mr and Mrs Vegan Private Home Kitchen


This event took us a long time to decide and practice and finally we thought – let’s be crazy and do it! Having attended a few private home kitchen dinners in our travels, we were always hunting down unique and special dining experiences. In the same fashion, we are hoping to open our doors to welcome like-minded vegan, vegetarians, meat eaters or even tourists to our home. We have been preparing for this event for almost a year and have invited friends and acquaintances to give us their honest and most brutal comments. So far, they have all been really supportive to give us a GO so we are taking the plunge!

Here are some information about the event:

Date 13th December 2014 (FULLY BOOKED!)
Day/Time Saturday, 730pm
Theme Vegan Christmas Special
Tickets $35 per pax
To Register Email us at mrandmrsvegan@gmail.com with your name, your contact number and how many seats you will be getting. We only have 6 seats for this session.
Registration deadline 5th December 2014, Friday, 12pm
Menu(Pls note garlic and onions are used) It will be a surprise menu which comprises of the following which I will share with confirmed guests a week before the event
A starter
A Soup
A Main Dish
A Dessert
Two homemade drinks (non-alcoholic)
A gift to take home with

Here are some extra FAQs you might be burning to ask:

1. What is vegan food?

Veganism is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products, particularly in diet, as well as following an associated philosophy that rejects the commodity status of sentient animals. It aspires to a kinder, more caring and more equal society. Vegan food therefore does not contain any meat or animal products such as eggs or dairy. We welcome anyone who aspires to such a philosophy or who just is curious about what vegan food is like.

2. Why are we doing this?

  • We would like to use this unique and personalized platform to create more awareness about Veganism.
  • We would  like to meet new people who are open to give vegan food a try.
  • We are hoping to raise funds for the maintenance of our blog and our upcoming Mr and Mrs Vegan website.
  • We believe the trend and acceptance of private home kitchen will be blooming in the coming years.
  • We have a dream of opening our own Mr and Mrs Vegan restaurant/cafe in the future and this sets our first step towards reaching our dream.

3.Who will be cooking the dishes?

Mrs Vegan aka Priscilla will be the chef of the day! Her credentials are zero but if you count her cooking and experimenting for 2 years on vegan home cooking dishes, I say you give her some credit (fingers crossed). If you are still very worried, maybe check out our instagram page and see if you are convinced to give us a chance. You could also ask Mr Vegan what he thinks. Most likely, he will say it’s been awesome so far.

4. Is this also known as a supper club?

Yes! Supper clubs also known as underground restaurants are super popular in the UK/USA/Japan/HK but in Singapore, the concept is kinda crazy and unheard of.  The idea behind this is a social dining eating experience operating out of someone’s home. They are, in effect, paying dinner parties. They are usually advertised by word of mouth or guerilla advertising,and may require references to make a reservations.  The only difference between most supper clubs and our Vegan Commune event is that WE WILL DINE with our guests too. So if you are expecting us to just serve you and leave you alone for the night, this event is not for you. The whole idea is for us to know you and for you to know us. So what better way than to have us join you guys in the meal and we can talk cock* through the night (*in singlish it means keep on talking and talking about random stuff, intelligent stuff and funny stuff)!

4. Who will come to this?

If you are up for trying out new places to eat, meet and dine with new people. Or if you have always been very curious what vegan food can taste like- then this is for you. Please note that this isn’t food that you will find in restaurants and each dish is made with love and home style equipments.

5. Where is the secret location?

It will be in our home we share with our 3 flurry cats, Cutie, Sweetie and Ah Kin and Roland’s Mum. We will also announce our home location only to guests who have made ticket payment and the address will be shared on the day of the event. Our place is right in the centre of Singapore and is right above an MRT station so do not worry about accessibility.

6. What is the food going to be like?

A mix of tried and tested popular vegan dishes ranging from western, mexican, italian, chinese, japanese, indian cuisines. It is really a big big world out there filled with vegan dishes and we are hoping to do theme menus.

7. How many people will I be dining with?

Our 6 guests (including you) plus 2 of us. Sometimes, we might rope in our mum (she is cool) or even add extra chairs for our friends so you can meet more people. We might increase the number of guests to a maximum of 6 depending on the responses we get after this event.

8. What if I want to come alone?

Sure, why not? That is definitely part of the experience. We hope through this we can bring together a group of people, be it strangers or friends to chat and bond over good food in a casual, relaxed and homely setting. If you are a tourist, this will be the perfect way for you to see how a local vegan family live and dine in Singapore.

9. What if I do not like dining with strangers?

Our minimum number of guests to kick start our Vegan Commune event is to have 4 guests, if we only have 1 or 2 guests we will cancel it and schedule it on another day or give you a refund if other dates do not work. If there are 3 guests, we will most likely go ahead. If in an event you are not able to turn up, please inform us a day before so that we can refund your ticket and find a new guest in time. This will enable us to have some time to go through our wait list and find a new guest replacement. If you do not inform us a day in advance or there is no show, we will not be able to refund the ticket amount as we have already prepared your share and it is fair that you respect the time and effort we set aside for you as well.

10. Can I select my own dates?

At this stage, no. It could happen in the near future and it depends on our work schedule.

11. Can I get this ticket for a friend as a surprise?

Sure, we do not see why not. But it will be wise to prep him or her and meet her expectations in case she is expecting full-on butler services or fancy musicians canoodling her/him away through the night. Mr Vegan might act as a back-up singer or guitarist if you are really serious about impressing your surprise guest:P But I say let’s not bet on that to happen and no refunds allowed

12. What if I am scared of cats?

If you have any allergy to cats or prefer if they are not chilling around your legs, let us know in advance and we can keep them safe in our rooms.

13. What kind of special diets do you cater to?

At this point, we do not cater to gluten free diets and we cook mainly with garlic and onions. We also use nuts in our cooking and desserts.

14. What if the food is not to my liking?

We are not able to please everyone but we hope you will enjoy our food.

We hope the FAQs helped answer any questions you guys are having! We cannot contain how excited and equally nervous this event mean to us and if you have any ideas or suggestions or just want to say hi to us, write to us at mrandmrsvegan@gmail.com.

2 thoughts on “A Vegan Commune- An initiative by Mr and Mrs Vegan Private Home Kitchen

  1. Hi Mr and Mrs Vegan, can my hubby and I join your vegan dinner please? We’ve become full vegetarians this year (somewhat vegan-ish) and are especially attracted to cats, so we would love to meet your three 4-legged cuties, and oh…the humans too. 🙂

    Thank you for opening up your home. Hope to hear from you via email.

    • Hi Polly,

      Thank you for your interest in our Vegan Commune event!
      The responses have been so overwhelming positive and we are so excited to meet everyone.
      Sadly our home is small and we want to keep the event as cozy and intimate as possible.
      We have sent you guys an email so please do check and let us know if you are free to come by on another date?
      We cannot wait to meet you guys soon and sadly to disappoint you but our 4-legged cuties will not be as excited as us:P

      Roland & Priscilla

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