Tze Char Feast- Nature Vegetarian, Bukit Merah


Claypot Curry Mutton $12

Nature vegetarian restaurant has been around for a while. We usually go there for their cheap and fast economical rice sets $2.50 or daily specials in the day. The other night, we ended up at Nature Vegetarian to try their tze char (ala carte) selections for the first time and was quite impressed by how yummy it was. The first dish we ordered was curry mutton large portion. Do not say we did not inform you but the portions are huge! Six of us were so stuffed after realizing we made the mistake of ordering everything in Large sizes. We wished the staff could have informed us to order smaller portions earlier but surprisingly we finished every dish!


Clayout Tofu with vegetables $12


Satay sticks $8 smallest portion(They were not the best we have tasted!)


Stir Fry Kai Lan $11


Crispy Lemon Chicken with sweet sauce $12 (This was the best dish!)


Cereal oatmeal tofu $12 (we changed it from the original cereal prawns as we prefer not to take too much mock meat)

We paid around $96 for 6 people and each of us had a plate of rice with 2 additional bowl of rice and 2 daily soup of the day!
Address: Block 11 #03-4462 Jalan Bukit Merah, Singapore 150011

Phone: 6897 7370

Opening hours: 7.30am to 9.30pm (Mon to Sat). Closed on Sun

One thought on “Tze Char Feast- Nature Vegetarian, Bukit Merah

  1. Thx. Yes, I also like Nature Vegetarian. Ate there earlier this week. They have lots of stuff to buy and prepare at home.

    Next door is another veg eatery – Boneless Kitchen – which specialises in Korean veg, along with some Italian. It’s not vegan

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