Vegan Birthday Coconut Risotto Treat at Bacchanalia Restaurant


Last November, Mr Vegan surprised me with a series of silly fun things to do on my birthday. The highlight of the day was definitely dinner at Bacchanalia! Chicks Eat Vegan did their first vegan event there and we saw some mouth-watering dishes which we were eager to try. We made a booking a few days in advance to request for a vegan menu.

IMG_4486 IMG_4488

It was a 5 course meal and it was SUPERB! The flavours, textures, rare vegetables and presentation was really out of the world. It was decently priced too at $99 per person after taxes.


The first dish we had was onion soup with caramelized onion essence, tofu, rye croutons and alliums! What on earth was alliums? I did some research and found out tha Allium comprises of monocotyledonous flowering plants and includes the onion, garlic, chives, scallion, and the leek. What a fancy name 😛


Next we had A different vegetable salad with seasonal root vegetables roasted, pickled or raw with poached banana hearts, banana puree and ponzu veil. This salad was a great mixture of sweet and sour with warm veggies. We loved it and finished every single “splattering” of veggies.


One of the highlights of the dinner was the freshly baked bacchanalia signature hot sourdough bread made in house with cherry vinegar and chives with extra virgin olive oil dips! The bread had the perfect crust and density:)


We applaud the chef for coming up with one of the most unique risotto dish ever! It was a symphony of flavours on this creamy coconut risotto, chilli paste, fermented coconut with Thai inspired flavours. It was one of those moments you go.. how can the risotto be savoury with coconut? Strangely, it was WAY better than it sounds and we were fighting to get the last bite. Another unique thing about Bacchanalia is the way they serve their dishes. It is unlike most fine-dining restaurants where you get served an individual plate. Here, they encourage guest to share food on the same plate and do communal eating.

IMG_4500 IMG_4502

The last main dish to arrive was Sunchoke a L’Indianne with Jerusalem artichoke in different crumbs, chickpea and Masala emulsion. At first bite, we thought it was potatoes and wondered where were the artichokes. Later on when Chef Ivan come out to speak to us, we unashamedly asked where were the artichokes and was embarrassed to realize the “potatoes” we have been eating were Jerusalem artichokes! What we love most was how different each artichoke was when coated with a completely different crumb. You have to try this dish to know what we are talking about!

IMG_4504 IMG_4506

We had two desserts and this Granita with compressed coconut blew my mind away! It was super good, intense and we loved the sticky bites.


The last dish we had was compressed fruit salad with manly blueberry sorbet and we thought the earlier dessert was really more impactful and much more creative than this fruit dessert.


Another surprise when I got home was receiving Betty Goes Vegan cookbook by my mum-in-law:) If anyone of you have tried any good recipes from the book, please let me know! There are so many to choose from and all of them sound so yummy.

23A Coleman Street
Singapore, 179806
(65) 65091453


Friday: 12pm – 3pm

For Lunch events Monday – Thursday please email:


Monday – Thursday: 6pm – 12am

Friday – Saturday: 6pm – 2am

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