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Sometimes reading a recipe with no pictures can be a pain, even with pictures we try our best to imagine what it might look like and so our favourite place to get step by step vegan recipes instructions will be on Youtube! When we google vegan fish, vegan pie, vegan lemon cake etc, we are spoilt for choices. Here, we share our top 5 favourite and most loved vegan youtube bloggers that seem to make vegan cooking look effortless, easy and so fun! They are not in specific order and the first will be The Edgy Veg. This lady is really funny, talks crazy, acts silly and literally comes up with the coolest vegan recipes in town! If you have always wanted to rekindle your love for “Mcdonald’s” food she has the whole range all veganized:)

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The second guy will be Peaceful cuisine Royaya. This japanese site is so clean, simple and easy to follow. Somehow he makes vegan cooking and baking look so cool! Another thing we find useful is how he shows the packaging of where each ingredient comes from as well. We are really impressed that he uses 90% organic products most of the time:)

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The third in line is Vegan cooking with love. We have tried a few of her recipes and they are always as good as it looks! Best part, she uses fuss-free ingredients and the instructions are well paced and always look so yummy!

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The fourth blogger is Fully Raw by Kristina. This raw vegan chef and celebrity is such a star! Every single recipe she creates is colourful, energetic and so lively! Once in a while, we do enjoy eating raw cakes but the only pet peeve we have with raw food is the repetitive flavour of dates and coconut oil that is in most recipes. If you guys know how we can make more alternatives to raw food, leave us a comment!

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The last is Chloe Coscarelli, we are huge fans of her cookbooks and seeing her cook and talk at the same time over our favourite recipes is just a bonus! If there is a particular youtube vegan blogger you have which we must know of, please share with us!

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