Recently married and constantly searching for each other and for ourselves. Through all these moments, apart, or in each others’ embrace, we shape each other, and in so doing, shape ourselves. This process is sometimes easy, often painful, but never wasted. The easy part is falling in love. The pain comes from being in love, staying in love.

This shaping hurts, because it wills one against oneself for the sake of another. But yet it is not martyrdom, because the shaping occurs both ways. This will is called compassion.

Through the past year, we realize that this love and compassion cannot be limited to ourselves if we want it to be true. We are sentient beings living amongst other sentient beings. We can no longer ignore the sufferings caused by our wants and desires. And for this reason we have decided to abstain from animal produce as a first step to grow in our love for each other.

If you would like to contact us regarding any upcoming vegan events, products or your own personal stories, feel free to email us at mrandmrsvegan@gmail.com . One final note, should you like to share any of our posts, please feel free to do so but do remember to link us to your site to credit our sharings or photos. Thank you.

With Love,

Roland & Priscilla

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    • Hi Nicole,

      Thank you for dropping by our blog and for the kind comments!
      The video inputs were really useful and we are no stranger to the question on Vitamin B12 as well.
      We also do take nutritional yeast which puts all these questions to rest.
      And no further need for arguments but the videos are certainly edifying.

      Roland & Priscilla

  1. Regarding the first video, I have never heard of humans being capable of producing B12 from the guts, I heard of cows being able to do it.

    The recommended daily allowance(RDA) for B12 may be a small amount like 4mcg, but one needs to ensure that the body would get at least that amount after the process of absorption limited by the Intrinsic Factor in the intestines, so one should consume B12 that are much more than the RDA amount of 4mcg. Not many people even vegans know about this.

    (The following is cute-and-pasted from an article I once wrote about B12)


    “Dietary supplements

    In dietary supplements, vitamin B12 is usually present as cyanocobalamin [5], a form that the body readily converts to the active forms methylcobalamin and 5-deoxyadenosylcobalamin. Dietary supplements can also contain methylcobalamin and other forms of vitamin B12.

    Existing evidence does not suggest any differences among forms with respect to absorption or bioavailability. However the body’s ability to absorb vitamin B12 from dietary supplements is largely limited by the capacity of intrinsic factor. For example, only about 10 mcg of a 500 mcg oral supplement is actually absorbed in healthy people [8].”

    There are 2 types of vitamin B12 being sold, cyanocobalamin and methylcobalamin. Cyanocobalamin needs to be converted to methylcobalamin in the body in order for it to be utilized, so it is better to take B12 in the form of methylcobalamin to better ensure the body gets what it needs. I read that the liver only converts 1% of ingested cyanocobalamin into methylcobalamin.

    Research has said that the small intestine absorbs B12 in varying percentages due to the limitations of the Intrinsic Factor. If B12 is taken in small amounts such as 5-50mcgs, then the absorption amount is limited to about 1.5 mcgs, falling below the RDA, so it has to be taken at least twice during the day to fulfill the RDA, while giving the Intrinsic Factor a few hours’ time to recover. But if B12 is taken in a high dosage such as 1000mcgs each time, the vitamin will be absorb in 10-15 mcgs, fulfilling the RDA in one dosage. http://www.veganhealth.org/b12/formula

  2. Hi Roland and Priscilla!

    My name is Liv from Stretch City. A is a yoga lifestyle website listing studios, shops, restaurants, events, and promotions related to ethical living in Singapore. We came across your blog and love your story. Please go ahead and check us out and send us an email back, so we can connect with you and invite you to our future events.

    Thank you kindly,


    • Hi Liv,

      Thank you for visiting our blog!
      We visited your site and loved the list of restaurants you guys featured.
      Many of them we have yet to visit and keep us updated through our email at mrandmrsvegan@gmail.com
      Have a fantastic long weekend ahead.

      Roland & Priscilla

  3. Hi Roland & Priscilla,

    Thanks so much for the helpful posts! I am just starting out as a vegan and your blog made my life so much easier now. 😀

    P.S. I have found many recipes online, but can’t seem to get many of the “exotic” ingredients here in most supermarkets. Was wondering if you had the same problem as me as well. Do you have a list of the hard to get ingredients, and the places we could find them?

    Thanks in advance!

    Wei Sheng

    • Hi Wei Sheng,

      Sorry for the late reply! We get most of our stuff from iherb if there are too exotic to find in our local supermarket.
      We also frequent Supernature Organics at Forum Shopping Mall Basement 1 for more gourmet vegan treats like vegan cheeses, sausages etc!
      Hope it helps in your find.

      Roland & Priscilla

  4. hi Roland and Priscilla,

    This is really a great blog and useful to me. I hope you guys can continue to write more post on veggie food explore.

    My bf broke up with me few months ago and the reason he gave me is because I start becoming a vegetarian.I didn’t force him become vegan same as me, He said he found troublesome when I can’t go to fine dinning enjoying the steak with him, and feel restricted especially went travelling.

    When I discovered this blog, I was thinking “how come I didn’t read this blog early? maybe I can save this relationship by putting afford bringing him to those vege shop and show him vegan also can enjoying good food” Anyway, all is too late already. I just hope I can find someone that can accept the way I am.

    • Dear Janne,

      Thank you for reading our blog. Your comment weighs heavily on our hearts and made us question how we got together and changed for and despite each other.
      Like your previous boyfriend, I loved steak, chicken, almost every kind of meat available. And up till now, I still miss it especially when I smell the scent of fried or grilled meat. Taste is something we grow up, condition ourselves with, and it takes a certain amount of discipline and will power to abstain from what we have grown up believing to be delicious. Indeed I must impress upon you that as a meat lover (I believe I still am, just that I refuse to indulge my petty longings), nothing can replace the taste of meat, no matter what myriad of cuisines we vegans can conjure.

      My choice stemmed from an independent moral decision, based on surmounting knowledge and experience on the nature of suffering and how the meat and dairy industry is causing needless amounts of it. No one can make this decision for us, and, I believe, no amount of delicious vegan food can replace the corporeal craving for flesh. What I’m saying, from my experience, is that Priscilla and I did not convert each other to another path, rather, it was our common belief that helped reinforce this aspect of our journey together.

      Your sharing has moved us, because of its honesty and your commitment to your values. Not many have the discipline to champion a cause. Fewer still have the courage to see it through knowing what we can lose along the way.

      But please know you have our utmost respect and support. Write to us anytime. We all need some encouragement time and again. Tell us more about your journey, how you got started, where you’re from etc.

      We believe that there are like minded people out there. The bond you will have with your partner will be so much stronger because of this!

      With lots of love,

      Ro & Pris

      p/s: I just wanted to share a quote from Rumi which I read from some time ago, which impressed itself upon my memory since : “Lovers do not finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.”

  5. Greetings, oh compassionate earthlings. I applaud your decision to be vegan for ethical reasons as it is unassailable based on any considerations. I myself once told my family members that I didn’t mind dying on a vegan diet (which of course is unlikely as long as it is well balanced and wholesome).
    I was formerly a journalist in The Straits Times for about 20 years and have travelled all over the world eating vegetarian/vegan/raw vegan food. The best places in the world for such food in terms of tasty food is Malaysia. Thailand and Taiwan. But for healthy vegan food, the best in the world is raw, organic wholefoods in the USA. Singapore’s vegetarian food ranges from good to passable and unexceptional.
    Why are Malaysia’s veg (I’ll use this term for Vegetarian/Vegan since some of the restaurants there use eggs and dairy products) restaurants so good? I think it helps that the cuisine there have Chinese, Malay, Peranakan, Indian, Western, Indonesian and Thai influences. Also. many of the most tasty Chinese restaurants there are run by adherents of the Tian Dao or Yiguandao religious group which places a premium on service to humanity. For that reason, their food tends to be more tasty than those at Buddhist restaurants. They are not allowed to have livelihoods that are exploitative in nature and hence most of them end up in the vegetarian food business. Traditional Chinese vegetarian food is vegan but they allow the eating of eggs and dairy products. The men can be distinguished by their crew cut hairstyle or the display of Guan Yin or Ji Gong images in their eateries.
    I once travelled all over Malaysia with my Malaysian vegetarian friends and I was impressed by how tasty and inexpensive the food there was. By way of comparison, the veg food I tasted in other Asian countries such as India, China, Japan, Korea and my homeland Singapore was nothing much to write about.
    Even many Malaysian hawker stalls serve better food than those in Singapore, which tend to be of the unhealthy variety (processed white rice, bee hoon, kuay teow and noodles). Malaysians cook unhealthy bee hoon and kuay teow so much more tasty than Singaporeans.
    Their healthy and organic food veg restaurants are also much better than those in Singapore. I suppose this is all because in Malaysia restaurants that don’t serve tasty food goes out of business rather quickly as Malaysians are picky eaters.
    The best Malaysian veg food can be found in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya although they are in general good from Johor Baru up to Penang. Beyond Penang and in the East Coast and East Malaysia the food is not that tasty.
    So if you wish to indulge in the most tasty and inexpensive (given the strong Sing dollar) veg food in the world, head to West Malaysia.

    • Hey Darvid,

      Thanks for dropping us a comment and for your comprehensive view about vegetarian/vegan food in Singapore and around our region.
      We do agree that vegans food is super yummy in USA! We tried it and was blown away.
      Even Japan does a great rendition. We just went to Penang and sadly to say most of the vegetarian chinese restaurants are either too oily or contain too much mock meat which we try to avoid. We love Sushi Kitchen and The leaf in Penang, the food was really refreshing and SUPERB! Do let us know what are some places to check out in West Malaysia if you do not mind!

      Thanks again for checking our blog out and for taking time to pen your thoughts.
      Roland & Priscilla

    • Hi Addresschic,

      Thank you for checking our blog out!
      Just saw your site and you have a really good vegan informations and the products look swoon lovely too.
      Please do drop us an email at mrandmrsvegan@gmail.com to share more about what you guys do.

      Roland & Priscilla

      “Veganism is not about giving anything up or losing anything; it is about gaining the peace within yourself that comes from embracing nonviolence and refusing to participate in the exploitation of the vulnerable”
      ― Gary L. Francione

  6. Hi Roland and Priscilla,
    Thank you for your passion for veganism. Your blog has been very helpful for us to find new places to try vegan food in Singapore. We look forward to being added to your “BLOGS WE LOVE AND FOLLOW” 🙂 Stay happy and healthy!

    Nicholas & Beatrice from Eatprayflying.com

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