New Vegan Pizzas Offerings at Brownice


We thought it was about time we share about the cool new happenings at Brownice! They have gone through quite a revamp! From new pizza box, to pizza delivery to new pizza offerings and special weekend savoury meals(we have yet to try any so far). We love the new ice cream cakes too:) Having tried some of the pizzas they offer, we have our favourites and the first is spinach hedgehog $16.80 made of spinach, mushroom, tomatoes, vegan cheese, coconut cream to almonds. We found this flavour most savory and each pizza waiting time is about 10-15 minutes depending on the crowd.


Otah Otah $15.80 was our least favourite. Somehow, the flavours were not too our liking and had a strange after-taste.


Tofu Crumble $15.80 is our no.1 favourite! The tofu mixture with tomatoes, vegan cheese, coconut cream and paprika is delicious. We love how each crust is consistent and thin. The only thing we wished was that the portions are bigger, as we always end up eating dinner first before heading down for pizza as an after dinner snack and some ice cream to be 90% full. If we are there in a group of four, we usually order about 4 pizzas, 2 waffles and 2 brownies:)


If you are a traditionalist and prefer a simple tomato pizza base, you have to try the classic $13.80 with tomatoes, vegan cheese, olives and paprika. You can taste the vegan cheese flavour more but at times we felt that the base is too dry. We cannot wait for more new happenings and food offerings at Brownice! We love the new change:)


21 Sin Ming Centre

8 Sin Ming Road #01-03

Tel: 6456 6431

Opening hours: 12pm-10pm daily



Metta Cats FundRaising Event at Eight Treasures Vegetarian Restaurant, Chinatown


If you follow our instagram, you would have seen our cats and know how much we adore them:) Recently, we attend a Metta Cats fund-raising event at Eight Treasures Vegetarian Restaurant and met more like-minded cat lovers.

IMG_4388 IMG_4390 IMG_4392 IMG_4393 IMG_4396 IMG_4397 IMG_4401 IMG_4403 IMG_4404

For $60 a person, we had a feast of a 9 course vegan meal and it was delightful. The flavours were great and the portions sizes were just right for 7 of us seated in the same table. We chatted about cats and about more cats and we look forward to attending more animal fund-raising and sharing groups! If you are interested to give back or help Metta cats, there is an adorable Ken Ken and Gold D meal set at Well Dress Salad Bad (run by the daughter of Eight Treasure Vegetarian Restaurant boss) or you could like their facebook page and follow the cats adventures and help out if you are free!


Eight Treasure Vegetarian Restaurant

Open daily: 11am – 9 pm (last order 8.30 pm)
Every 1st and 15th day of the lunar calendar: 8am – 9pm
(Dim Sum available for breakfast)

For reservation, please call 6534 7727
Address: 282A South Bridge Road Singapore 058831
(next to Buddha Tooth Relic Temple)
Nearest MRT: Chinatown and Outram

Fresh Organic Japanese Produce is now at Supernature Organics B1 Forum Shopping Mall


Organic kale, lettuce, beetroot, spinach and every ang-moh veggies can be found in most supermarkets nowadays. But organic Japanese produce is really quite a painful find. Supernature Organics, one of our favourite place to stock up on all things vegan invited us for their Japanese produce launch late last year.


We tried a wide variety of organic oranges, apples to rainbow kiwi fruit! It tasted quite sour but had a really good texture and the other fruits were sweet despite no pesticides or artificial coatings. Although they looked more bruised than the shiny fakes ones we see in most supermarkets, the ones here were still thoughtfully chosen and had really good lustre and shape.

IMG_4597 IMG_4600 IMG_4601 IMG_4602 IMG_4605

This was how a rainbow red kiwifruit looked like when sliced open.

IMG_4609 IMG_4611

I was also given a few organic Japanese vegetables such as organic burdock (our favourite) and salad leaves (their version of a rocket leaves called Mizuna) to try.


The next day, I made a refreshing wasabi sesame vinegar dressing with all the Organic Japanese produce and boy was it YUMMY! The vegetables portions may look small but I was able to use them for 3 meals and they lasted really fresh and good in the refrigerator for a week.


And finally Supernature brought back vegan yoghurt! OMG:))))) Please bring the plain flavour one in soon too!


I made a quick and easy fruit yoghurt appetizer with organic rainbow kiwi and served it with sesame stir fry burdock roots. Next I added some organic somen with tom yam broth to kick off dinner!


If you are planning on creating a Japanese feast anytime soon, please go check out the latest fresh produce range Supernature brings in every week. We want to thank Alicia from Supernature Organics for the invitation and for the sponsored vegetables.

583 Orchard Road #B1-05/09 Forum The Shopping Mall
Singapore 238884
Tel: +65 6304 1338
Fax: +65 6735 0366

Opening Hours: 
10am – 7.30pm daily

Lenny and Larry The Complete Cookie Series by The Fitness Grocer


Vegan Desserts and sweets are usually one of the hardest things you can find readily available in Singapore, as most of them contain eggs, milk or butter. Most recently we have been spotting The Complete Cookie by Lenny’s and Larry’s around most vegetarian/vegan grocery shops or cafes. The friendly guys from The Fitness Grocer sent us a vegan package filled with all the flavours ranging from Oatmeal raisin, pumpkin spice to double chocolate flavour.



Each cookie contains no animal products, no dairy products and no preservatives. With 16 grams of protein, 6 grams of fibre, 0 grams of trans fat and 0 grams of cholesterol, this was a perfect guilt free snack. We tasted all the flavours and ended up loving the double chocolate and chocolate the best. The cookie was surprisingly really big (the size of my hand) and the chocolate bites were plentiful. It is good for a quick snack in between busy work days when you have to skip lunch or great for an afternoon tea snack. We tried crushing them to make them into cake crumbs. The cookie is sold at a really affordable price of $3.30 each and we wished it came crunchy instead of it being like a soft cookie.

We want to thank Pirapong from The Fitness Grocer for this kind offer and they are also offering our readers a special online shopping discount! All you need to do is:

Head to their website and key in GOVEGAN at check out for a 5% off all Lenny and Larry Complete Cookie product at their online store. This is exclusive and just for our readers. This discount code will last till 28 Feb 2015.

A magazine that is entirely vegan.

A magazine that features fashion, art, culture, food and travel and all cruelty free.

A mainstream magazine that speaks for animals and is super cool to read.

This is Laika Magazine and we have just supported their kickstarter request!

Support them today and learn more about how cool it is to be a vegan:)


Homemeals: Vegan Japanese Feast with homemade vegan soba sauce


A couple of months back, we were craving for Japanese food and I decided to reference some recipes we picked up from our vegan cooking class in Kyoto, Japan last year and also some new ones from this amazing book called Cooking with Soy by Yoshiko Takeuchi. This book have so many mouth-watering recipes and the photography makes you want to eat japanese fusion vegan food everyday! Another thing I love about this book is how each recipe comes with photos of how it looks like. This was one of the key reasons why I was dying to get my hands on this book.



Our guests were blown away by how tasty they all turned out to be for first attempts! They are really easy to whip up and just require some patience and of course lots of pretty dining-ware to make the experience more wholesome:P

Each guest had green tea soba with homemade vegan soba sauce (I made this a day before so that it can be served chilled), Hiyayakko cold silken tofu with chopped scallions and dark sauce. They also each had their own platter of oyster mushroom and shiitake mushroom kakiage dipped with green tea and himalayan pink salt, japanese sesame peanuts and black sesame miso I got from Isetan.

 Oyster Mushroom and Shiitake Mushroom Kakiage with Green Tea Salt (taken from Cooking with Soy Book)

Kakiage is a type of tempura made with different ingredients that have been sliced and mixed in tempura batter. Then a pancake-like shape is made when deep-frying. Traditionally tempura batter is made from flour, egg and water. It is very hard to make it crispy with the traditional batter and this recipe is not only vegan, gluten-free and super crispy!


2 packets of oyster mushroom, broken into mini bunch

1 packet of shiitake mushroom, stems removed


4 tablespoon brown rice or rice flour

4 tablespoons cornflour (cornstarch)

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

80ml water

Neutral oil for frying (I used grapeseed)

Green tea salt 

1/2 teaspoon green tea powder

2 teaspoon himalayan pink salt


1. Mix the batter together and make sure you coat all the ingredients well with flour, otherwise oil will splash while frying. Add water and mix well.

2. Heat the oil in a frying pan over medium heat. The oil will be ready when you drop a small piece of food into the oil and it floats to the surface straight away. If the food floats but gets burnt, the temperature is too high.

3. Push the mixture into oil and make fry until all edges of the kakiage becomes golden brown and then turn to cook the other side.

4. Rest on kitchen paper to absorb excess oil

5. To make tea salt, combine salt and tea powder


This dish was the star of the night! We learnt it in Kyoto a year back and was thinking of re-creating this dish after seeing some fresh burdock stems in Isetan Japanese supermarket. It is super easy to whip up and the taste is DIVINE and savoury!

Kinpira (pan fried root vegetables)


2 cups of Root vegetables (we used 2 sticks of burdock root and 3-4 carrots, julienned)

1 teaspoon of Sugar

1 tablespoon of soy sauce

1 tablespoon of sesame seeds ( we added 3 times more!)

1 teaspoon of mirin

1 teaspoon of oil

1 teaspoon of sesame oil


1. Cut vegetables into strings or in slices.

2. Cook them in a frying pan with oil (burdock needs a bit extra cooking time).

3. Add sugar and keep cooking until it is dry.

4. Add soy sauce and cook until liquid is cooked off, then add a dash of mirin to give moisture.

5. Cook off alcohol in mirin.

6. Turn off the heat and add sesame seeds and sesame oil


If you ever see black sesame miso in Isetan or any Japanese market, please tell us! This one was specially flown in for a miso food festival and is one of the best miso we have ever tasted. It is such a pity we finished the whole box we bought and we are still thinking and craving for this yummy cold cucumber miso dip.


Last but not least, I thought it will be great to end the night with a Japanese raw green tea cheese cake and surprisingly it tasted seriously good! It was one of my better raw cakes experiment:) Note that I did not use brazil nuts, figs and substituted it with almonds and dates instead. I cannot wait to create another japanese vegan feast again!

Vegan Thai Sauces and Dressings- Mekhala at Pasarbella, The Grandstand

IMG_3870 IMG_3879

If there is one cuisine which we always find difficulties in satisfying our taste buds, it will be Thai food! Getting vegan Thai food in Singapore is literally non-existence unless you create your own sauce or if you double-check and triple check with Thai restaurants to eliminate all the fish sauces they typically use. Mekhala vegan Thai sauces and dressing is a dream come true for all vegans! I came up with some questions to ask the folks behind Mekhala and here are their replies:

1. Who founded Mekhala? When was it founded?

Mekhala was originally founded at the Asian Leadership Institute in Chiang Mai, Thailand, by Jang Phanthip Bauerle. Jang wanted organic and natural products for her clients and, being a vegan cook and a naturopath, began developing her own range. When Daphne Hedley, a family friend with a business background, came upon the products after returning to Asia with her husband, she and Jang decided to launch Mekhala as a brand in Singapore. Mekhala offers wholesome food and personal care products made from organic and natural ingredients sourced from farms in Northern Thailand. All creations are vegan and free from artificial additives, and Mekhala is dedicated to fostering sustainable relationships with suppliers, customers and the local community.

2. What are the products you guys carry currently?

We carry 2 distinct product ranges aimed at encouraging a wholesome, natural lifestyle: an Asian-influenced organic/natural fine food range and a natural personal care range that is free from chemicals such as SLS and parabens.

The food range includes some Asian-inspired salad dressings, Asian condiments (cooking and dipping sauces/pastes), Thai curry pastes, spreads, oils/seasonings (eg organic coconut oil and Himalayan pink salt) and 4 different types of unpolished organic Thai mountain-grain rice. All of them are made from organic and natural ingredients and are highly versatile.

The majority of our personal care items belong either the anti-oxidant-rich Black Rice  range and the nourishing/moisturising Young Rice Milk range. Both ranges comprise a shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, body wash or shower gel and handmade soap. On top of these, we also have a very popular coconut soap that resembles a half-coconut! It’s got a creamy coconut soap on the inside and has a “husk” that is actually a cinnamon turmeric scrub. Our best-selling Tamarind Facial Cleanser, made with organic tamarind and honey, rounds up the personal care range.

3. What was the first product produced?

Mekhala first started off with the Black Rice and Young Rice Milk shampoos, conditioners, body lotions and soaps, coconut soap, 4 types of organic rice and a tea range, which we have now discontinued.

4. What is your best-selling product?

Our Coriander Ginger Dressing. We launched it in mid-July, in conjunction with our packaging revamp, and it’s been flying off the shelves ever since! It is absolutely bursting with flavours of coriander, ginger and lime and is great as a salad dressing, pour-over sauce or dipping sauce – no cooking required!

IMG_3869  IMG_3867

5. Tell me more about the ingredients you guys use which is different from other brand?

Instead of table salt, refined white sugar and vegetable oil, we use only Himalayan Pink Salt, coconut sugar and rice bran oil in our products.

Himalayan Pink Salt are widely acknowledged to be the purest, cleanest, most mineral-rich salt on earth and gets its pink hue from the 84 different types of beneficial elements and minerals that it contains. We choose to use coconut sugar because it is a clean, unrefined sugar that has not been chemically-treated or bleached, unlike regular white sugar. Lastly, rice bran oil is rich in Vitamin E and anti-oxidants and has been shown to improve cholesterol levels.

6. Where are the sauces and dressings made currently? And how big or small is the team?

They are all made in our small factory in Chiang Mai, located near the retreat at which Mekhala was founded. We have a team of 5 in Thailand that is in charge of manufacturing our beautiful products as well as building close relationships with the farmers and other suppliers from whom we source our ingredients. We have recently started selling in Thailand so they are now in charge of liaising with our retailers too!

Our Singapore side is also 5-strong at the moment, including our sales staff. Our Singapore and Thailand teams work very closely together, sharing ideas on both production and marketing – thank goodness for Skype and Google Hangouts!

7. How do you guys get inspirations for new flavours?

For a start, being based in Singapore and Thailand with an eclectic mix of Thai, Singaporean/Chinese, American & Burmese Shan team members, we are very fortunate to have a wealth of flavours and flavour combinations to tap into. We also get inspired by produce we see at the local Chiang Mai markets and at the farms that we visit, dishes from our childhood, television shows, our travels, restaurants we eat out at, etc. Customers at our Pasarbella shop sometimes suggest product ideas to us and tell us what type of products they want to see, which is very valuable feedback for us.

8. Is there a special tip to use your products?

Look past their categories/names and use them in as many ways as you can think of as they are very, very versatile! For example, one of our best-sellers is a Miso Lime Chilli Dressing that is meant to be a salad dressing, but it is also great as a stir-fry sauce for leafy greens, such as kangkong and spinach, as well as a marinade. We regularly post recipes on our website, Facebook and Instagram and hopefully these inspire customers to come up with their own usage ideas.

IMG_3890 IMG_3892

With Mekhala sauces and dressing in hand, I decided to whip up a vegan thai meal for our guests the next evening. Feeling ambitious, I made all the dishes for the first time and kept my fingers crossed. Thankfully, they tasted surprisingly decent and I had Mekhala sauces to save the day:P The first dish I made was Basil garlic mushroom rice paper roll with an assortment of dressing like pumpkin black pepper $8.20 for 250ml and coriander ginger dressing $8.20 for 250ml. I suggest making an extra few more rice rolls just in case they do not look as good when you cut them up into halves for presentation. I opted for mushroom fillings and the basil garlic flavours really shone through. Our dinner guest commented that I could have added more mint for a refreshing aftertaste for the rice paper rolls. Overall, it was a pretty easy dish to whip up and is one healthy starter to begin your meal with. Another thing I found useful was Mekhala youtube channel where they share how their sauces and dressings can be used but wished they had more vegan cooking recipes.

9. Tell us more about the home cooking videos you guys have on your youtube page? How long does it take to create one and will you guys be doing more vegan cooking recipes?

Two groups of customers that we focus on are that of people who don’t have much time to cook and those who don’t really know how to cook. Our condiments are really, really easy to use so even beginner and/or time-starved cooks will be able to put together tasty, healthy meals with Mekhala’s help! We know of many people who are just terrified of stepping into the kitchen and we realised that we really need to show our customers how easy it is – just talking about it won’t do very much. Hence, the Mekhala Living Food Channel was born! We release one video every 1-2 weeks and also post the recipes on our website.

It takes us about 1-2 hours to prepare one video, depending on how many times we flub our lines. The cooking itself is usually very quick, but the set-up, filming of ingredients and photography can take a while. Definitely! We have recently filmed about 4-5 new vegan recipes, which we will be sharing very soon.


I also wanted a fusion soup as I had a couple of pumpkin squash in the fridge. So I googled for a recipe that required me to use green curry paste $5.50 for 100g and I found it right here. The flavours combined with the spicy green curry paste with roasted pumpkin and coconut tasted heavenly! This soup dish was a winner. If you want it less spicy, I recommend using more coconut milk to blend them all up.


I also made some crispy tofu steaks with some crushed peanuts and sweet plum sauce for extra texture.


The main dish was phad thai using organic mulberry leaves rice noodles which was really unique. It tasted more firm than the usual phad thai noodles when cooked with the Phad Thai sauce $7.20 for 200ml from Mekhala. This dish was definitely one of the healthier version we have tasted by far. It was not sweet but I wished it had a stronger after taste or flavour. I used 2 packets of mulberry rice paper noodles and the portions was too much for 5 people. Another thing I wished was for the bottle to be bigger! I finished using the 200ml bottle for this dish and wished there was more. All my guests went ga ga over the dressings they had and I was curious if they are planning to launch more products in the coming new year.

10. Any new flavours or products you guys will be launching soon?

We will be introducing a whole new spice range within the next couple of months. We will start off with 5 blends of Asian herbs and spices, including lemongrass, Thai basil and Makhwaen peppercorns, which is a type of prickly ash pepper that is similar to Szechuan peppercorns. These will be great as spice rubs and for sprinkling over foods, such as cooked vegetables, tofu and rice, for flavour. We will also have individual dried herbs and spices, such as ground turmeric, coriander and kaffir lime leaves.

We will also be launching 4-5 new salad dressings, sauces and pastes early next year, and these will have Vietnamese, Japanese and, of course, Thai influences. The feedback on them has been great so far and we can’t wait to have them on our shelves!


We ended the dinner with some home-made coconut chia pudding topped with our all time favourite Brownice coconut ice cream with fresh mango slices!


Our guests also brought along Brownice latest and BEST ice cream cake we have ever tasted! The coconut yolk mango cake slices were delicious. We are bugging the team at Brownice to remake this cake and we think everyone will love it:)

We want to thank Diana and Daphne from Mekhala for sharing and sponsoring the sauces, dressing and noodles we had for this dinner. If you find heading to Pasar Bella quite a chore, do not worry as they have their sauces on their website and also on Le Bono.


Address: 200 Turf Club Road, Pasarbella, The Grandstand #02-k57 Singapore 287994

Phone: 64668270


Follow them on facebook and instagram too!

Homegrown Soy Wax Melts- Artisan’s Garden


Another homegrown brand I spotted which was vegan and smells so good from far was Artisan’s Garden Soy Wax Melts! Even before I could reach the booth, I could already smell the soft and gentle waves of aroma. When I came closer, I was even more mesmerized by the wide variety and beautiful scents. I am a huge fan of making sure my home smells good and fresh and have never come across a brand as good as this. I have bought a couple of soy candles around the world and on iherb but Artisan’s Garden choices are really rich in flavours. Most scented candles I purchased tend to always have a lighter tone but this product still smells as good and almost everyone who have been to our home have commented our home smells amazing. Here are some questions I asked Susan and here are her replies:

When did you start Artisan’s Garden?

I started it just before Christmas in 2013 when I initially experimented with handcrafted soaps, bath salts, balms, candle tins and wax melts as Christmas gifts to friends and family.

That sparked my interest in natural bath and body products after I left the corporate left after 20 years in the F&B sector. I took a short course in soap making and started developing an interest in soapcraft. I went on to take comprehensive courses in both soap and candle crafting in Seoul, Korea and Sydney.

Whilst in the US and Australia, I was introduced to the concept of wax melts and thought it was an ideal way of scenting a room without getting my burners all oily and burnt from burning essential oils. As I only wanted to deal with natural soy wax, I started developing different scents, initially for my own use- hence the birth of Artisan’s Garden Soy Wax Melts.

What are some of the challenges you faced?

Any candle maker will tell you that it takes a lot of trial and experimentations to get the right balance of the scent colour and burn. So at any one time, Artisan’s Garden would have no less than 16 different scents, with new ones being tried all the time.

What are your most popular scents? 

Our most popular sellers are White Tea & Ginger, Ocean Breeze and Himalayan Bamboo.

When will you be having new scents?

I do them seasonally and this coming Christmas, I will be launching three new scents- Christmas Cedar (a woody homey scent), Home for the Holidays (a party mix of citrus, florals and woods) and Candy Cane (a pure peppermint).

Where are your soy wax from?

Artisan’s Garden uses only the best soy wax from the USA:

  • 100& vegetable, made with Pure Soybean Oil, GUARANTEED
  • All NATURAL and biodegradable
  • Manufactured meeting FDA standards
  • Kosher Certified
  • NOT tested on animals
  • Contains NO animal products
  • Contains NO palm wax
  • Contains No petroleum, paraffin or beeswax products
  • Contains NO pesticides and NO herbicides
  • Contains NO GeneticallyModified Materials
  • Considered GRAS under the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act

What are wax melts?

The melting of scented wax chips is still relatively a new concept in Singapore, compared to water-diluted essential oil. While wax melts are also placed in a tea-light or electric burner, the advantages are substantial.

  • Wax does not evaporate, unlike water, thus no worry about drying up
  • The scent throw of wax melts is wider and more effective than candles
  • Melting wax gives you the scent much quicker than lighting a scented candle

How to use wax melts?

  • Place 8-12 pieces of wax melts on burner and light tea light
  • After the scent has dissipated, pour the liquid wax away (recommended into a paper cup- never pour down the sink)
  • Wipe burner with tissue paper on napkin and place new wax melts to burn again

Tips on using the burner:

  • Place burner on a stable and safe surface (eg. not on a wood laminate or paper surface as the base might get hot)
  • choose a burner that is not too open or too high at the base, as the heat from the flame needs to melt the wax, neither should it be too low that the heat makes the entire burner too hot to handle

Why should one use soy wax:

For most of us in Singapore, we have a tendency to be enclosed in an airconditioned room- be it at home or at work. Soy wax is:

  • Unlike the more common paraffin wax, soy wax is natural and non-toxic. With no petrol-carbon soot, it burns cleaner and is therefore safer to use in the home.
  • Soy wax melts at a lower temperature, so it does not scald in the event of a spill, making it safer around children
  • It is so easy to clean- just give your burner a wipe or simple use water and soap! No scraping needed.
  • Soy wax is naturally biodegradable
  • It is common for soy wax candles and tea lights to last 30%-50% longer than paraffin ones, thus giving you a much longer burn time


They also sell lemongrass lizard repellent S$10 a bottle which is all natural and does not harm the wiggly insects but yet wards them away. I thought it is such a brilliant and green idea!


Check out Artisan’s Garden latest pop up shop and happenings on their facebook page and be sure to get one to be in spa-mood everyday:) Email for more information. They do home delivery services too.


Homegrown Vegan Lip Balms & Body Balms- Balm Kitchen


I was at Public Garden Flea Market a few weeks back and was surprised to chance upon a homegrown vegan lip balm brand by Teresa Foo from Balm Kitchen. Though this brand is very new, it has garnered many attention at the market. I spotted many ladies shopping and trying Teresa’s products. When I came closer, I realized why everyone was smitten. Firstly, her logo looks amazing and when I found out she hand drew it, my jaws dropped. Next, her product speaks volume with the smooth texture and creative scents she came up with herself. I particularly love the dark chocolate and green tea versions. I decided to check in with Teresa after the flea market with a short Q&A. She gamely accepted the questions and replied promptly.

IMG_3167 IMG_3166

1. When did you start Balm Kitchen?

Balm Kitchen went official in July 2014.

2. What was the first product you produced?

I started making lip balms to replace the ones I’ve used up. I have chapped lips and occasional cold sores and needed a good (all natural, plant base and vegan too) and effective lip balm to maintain healthy lips.

3. Is there a secret ingredient you must share about your product?

No secret ingredient at all. I believe in creating honest and reliable products that my customers can trust. Everything is listed under the ingredients list on the product labels.

4. How do you get inspirations for new flavours?

Ah. As for my lip balms, it has to be from the food we consume. The natural aroma is just wonderful and they are not supposed to linger for too long because their oils are very volatile. Most of my ingredients (except Mica-lip safe!) are edible ingredients. I love my teas (that’s why you see there are more tea inspired flavours in my lip balms and one more flavour out soon!). We seek comfort in our food and therefore I feel that naturally I should make lip balm flavours using our favourite ingredients i.e. chocolate, coffee, vanilla, etc.

For my body balms, I feel there are certain times of the day that we can use essential oils to adjust our moods. Therefore my body balms are categorised according to Uplifting- Orange and Vanilla (when you wake up or need to liven up your spirits), Balancing- Geranium and Rose (middle of the day or just need some beautiful flowery aroma) and Relaxing- Jasmine and Lavender (wind down after a day or to de-stress). The Au Natural body balm is unscented but has the natural aroma from the cocoa butter.

5, Where are you hoping to retail in the next 3 years?

I will continue to improve my products and I hope to extend my existing balms to an entire range of skincare. Currently, I am studying Holistic Cosmetology specialising in organic skincare and I want to eventually have my own shop space where I can retail my products, create bespoke skincare and also conduct workshops. I want to share my knowledge with everyone so that they can benefit from using all natural skincare.

6. Who would you love to see using your products?

Everyone and anyone who has lips and skin!LOL! I want to continue to educate everyone about using natural lip balms and body balms as our ski is the largest organ and whatever we put on the skin is as good as we are consuming it.

7. Is there a special tip to using your products which most people do not know?

Oh yes. My lip balms and body balms are multi-purpose balms besides using them on the lips and body.

  • emergency face balm when your facial skin feels dry and tight
  • as a cuticle cream
  • as a baby bottom barrier to prevent nappy rash
  • on your cracked and dry heels (exfoliation before applying balm is highly recommended)
  • blister balm on your feet to reduce abrasions from shoes
  • lubricant for your door hinges!!! (Just kidding with this last point! Maybe it works! LOL)

8.Can you layer lip balms?

Yes you can totally layer lip balms especially with Balm Kitchen lip balms. Ingredients such as castor oil and candelilla wax act as a barrier to prevent moisture loss (transepidermal water loss, TEWL) through our lips where the skin is quite thin. You can apply the lip balms when you go to bed at night and keep your lips well protected especially if you are sleeping in the air-conditioned room which is very dehydrating the lips and skin too.

9. Any misconceptions about your products you wish to clarify?

My products are made with all natural, plant based vegan ingredients and many may confused that natural would mean organic. Currently the only organic ingredients in my balms is the coconut oil. Although they are not all organic, I give the assurance to my customers that I only curate the highest quality ingredients for my balms. I am already working towards creating an all organic products in the near future as I write.

10. Will you always be doing vegan friendly products or only for your current range?

Yes and will continue for all future products i.e. no honey, beeswax and diary. I want everyone to be able to use my products. My goal is to have my products verified vegan and bunny approved and working towards it!


Currently, Teresa is participating in the Organic October/Make the switch event organised by Saferskin. She will give a $1 discount on all lip balms/shimmer lip balms and/or body balms when customers bring in their current lip products i.e. lip balm, lip gloss and/or body lotions, creams, etc, to her pop up store which she will post the details on her website, Facebook and Instagram. Offer is limited to one lip balm/shimmer lip balm and one body balm per customer. There is also FREE local shipping for all online purchases during this month long event. P/S: Teresa also shared that the shelf life of her products are good for a year as there is no water in the product hence there is lesser chance of them going bad.

I look forward to more creations from Teresa and I am pinching with joy that more homegrown labels like hers will be sold around the world! Support Local, Go Local and Try Local:)

Vegan Cuts Subscription Box from USA

Screen shot 2013-12-05 at AM 10.23.57 IMG_3329

I was going through my saved drafts and realized I missed this overdue post! Last year, we received a lovely parcel from Vegan Cuts from USA! They have one of the coolest vegan snack subscription in the world. Each subscription cost US$19.95 and everything in the box is a surprise, some items are not even out in stores yet. Each box contains 7-10 vegan goodies to your doorstep. They offer free shipping in US and finally they are also shipping internationally at an additional US$15! We got a bundle of them and we enjoyed all the different flavours and goodies they have. Each item is uniquely different and you will get a wide range of sweet, sour, crunchy to savoury treats to munch on. We loved the snapea crisps the most (hint* they are sold on iherb) though we are usually not huge fans of peas but this snack has the right amount of salt, flavour and crunch. A few close friends of ours saw our mystery box and wanted to try some snacks. We gave it to them and guess what, they are now subscribing to Vegancuts!

The other box they offer is the vegan beauty box where you will get a monthly surprise of new and award-winning vegan skincare, beauty and nail products which are hard to find in Singapore. If we have a choice, a Vegan Cuts box a week will be perfect! This box will be a great gift idea for this upcoming holiday season to family and friends who have always had doubts about vegan food.  Their website has also recently expanded to include e-books downloads to vegan fashion finds. We would like to thank the team at Vegancuts for this opportunity to try their products and we looking forward to more vegan inventions from them.

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