Wholemeal Zaatar Pita Bread Wrap- Mana Fast Slow Food Central Hongkong

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We have heard rave reviews about MANA, a vegetarian/vegan wrap place in Central and wanted to have them for brunch Last Sunday but they were closed. We headed back on Monday during lunch time and it was so packed!

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They are well known for their home made Zaatar (ORIGANUM SYRIACUM) – Also related to THYMUS VULGARIS – known as “Green Gold” – is an ancient mixture of herbs & spices used in Arabic Cuisine. It is included in every wrap and the smell of the herbs was delightful

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They have giant bowls of freshly made salads and we spotted kale!!! On their website, we spotted some raw cakes and wanted to get them as well but sadly they were not available. Their raw coconut cake sounds good!



We ended up ordering two 11″ Mana Bliss HK$75 ($12.50), a wholemeal pita bread with Zaatar, cucumbers, avocado, hummus and spinach.


The portion was huge and by the time we ate ours it was quite cold but still really good. It tasted really healthy and fresh. We bought some lightly salted chips to go along and had a yummy dinner before boarding our flight.

92 Wellington St. Central T. 2851.1611 | info@mana.hk

Mon – Fri 8:00am – 10:00pm
Sat 10:30am – 10:00pm
Sun 10:30am – 9:00pm

Rain Rain Go Away- Hong Kong 2013


The past few days in Hongkong, it rained cats and dogs and we got back to hear Singapore was hot and hazy! I guess we were lucky in a way as it was really cooling most of the time.

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In every corner of a MTR exit, someone was selling umbrellas! We spotted umbrella vending machines in most MTR stations too.



Along our way, we spotted many colourful and fun graphics!


We stayed in a cozy quaint hostel called Hop Inn on Hankow Road and although the space was tiny, it was dolled up with warm hues with colourful birds and owls and mini astronauts all around our bed.




I also found some random plastic berries and made a happy hongkong cherry necklace for myself. (As seen here.)


Beside our hostel was Peace Cafe and we had some lovely apple citron rose tea Hk $36 ($6) overlooking the busy streets of Hong Kong.


We tried a couple of fun soya drinks with banana and black sesame but was really hoping to find hot soya bean curd. Sadly, most shops we went too sold pre-made ones which were cold:( Oh well, until the next time! We are counting down the hours for our Japan trip in less than one more day. Pardon us as we disappear for the next 2 weeks!

Pea Sprouts lettuce Wrap-Ah Sin Vegetarian Restaurant Hong Kong


We arrived in the rainy season of Hong Kong and saw an adorable doggy in raincoat and rain shoes after dinner at Ah Sin vegetarian restaurant! It was the nearest Chinese vegetarian restaurant around our hotel and even though we arrived at 9pm, customers were still streaming in.

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Situated on the second floor the restaurant has a dim sum take away counter along the main road. By the step we finished eating, the stall had closed.

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We ordered fried Chinese yam with chestnut and peanut floss HK$55 SGD$8.90

When it arrived we were expecting a yam basket instead we saw a huge plate of battered chestnuts with satay gravy. The texture was crunchy but was quite tasteless. It was such a new experience,  we took a while to appreciate it.


Next to arrive was braised beancurd with beancurd skin and assorted mushrooms HK$60 SGD$ 9.70. This dish was kind of boring and was quite bland too. We have tasted much better ones in Singapore!


The last dish to arrive was stir fry bean sprouts pine nuts with mushrooms on lettuce $60 $9.70. The portions served were huge and this dish tasted like mini lei cha (thunder tea rice fillings without the rice and soup!) Our dinner ended on a healthy note and we hope to try tastier food places in the next few days.

G/F 71 Chatham road Tsim Sha Tsui

South Oriental centre

Open daily 11am-11pm

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