Company Reunion- Eight Treasures Vegetarian Restaurant

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For our company reunion lunch we headed to Eight Treasures Vegetarian Restaurant opposite Maxwell Food Center. This is one of my favourite place for mock lamb curry, monkey mushroom head vegetables and orh nee (yam paste with ginko nuts). But this 10 course Chinese New Year set was quite a disappointment as most food were fried and there were so few fresh vegetables dishes. It will be better to come back again to order their ala carte dishes. And I just found out they serve dim sum for lunch!


Every New Year meal has to start with Yu Sheng and ours came with mock sashimi slices and as each ingredients were poured in, auspicious words and greetings were echoed with everyone standing to mix the salad with happy well wishes. Next up we had a platter of different mock bean curd dishes. My favourite has to be the fried bean curd that tasted like crabmeat.

We also had shark fin soup made out of bean curd skin, straw mushrooms, enoki mushrooms and some mock ham and crab meat slices for the colour and texture. This fish/dragon status adornment is made entirely out of salt and casted in a mould.

Next we had some apple salad with mock fish slices and broccoli with straw mushroom and fake scallops which tasted too rubbery for my liking.

Cereal prawns with oatmeal was super yummy and sweet and I spotted grains of sugar in them, no wonder everyone was fighting to get a slice of them. Honey pork ribs tasted like the real thing and it’s made of monkey head mushrooms which had a grainy and rough texture to it. I found the batter too oily and thick so this was my least favourite dish out of all.

More cabbages with mock sea cucumber which was nothing to shout about.

The meal ended on a sweet but bland note of mango pudding which tasted quite diluted. Well, it’s the company that matters at the end of the day.

Open daily: 11am – 9 pm (last order 8.30 pm)
Every 1st and 15th day of the lunar calendar: 8am – 9pm
(Dim Sum available for breakfast)

For reservation, please call 6534 7727
Address: 282A South Bridge Road Singapore 058831
(next to Buddha Tooth Relic Temple)
Nearest MRT: Chinatown and Outram

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