Rendang Curry Sandwich- Chef Icon Natural Bakery at Kampong Bahru Road


I have been planning for a return to Chef Icon bakery shop  for their yummy homemade breads for a while. I was thrilled when my work ended around the area today and I decided to get a rendang curry mushroom sandwich $8.80 with a cup of tea. Chef Francis told me that they shred each mushroom to thin slices to resemble rendang lamb texture and made a stew out of it. The taste was flavourful, not too rich and had just the right amount of filling in the sandwich.

The most common issue I have with sandwiches are the overflowing fillings which causes the bread to be really soggy towards the end of the meal. Every bite was crunchy, yummy and filled with natural goodness. It was a delightful tea snack but if you are very hungry this portion can be too small for a full meal. Hubby Ro joined me later on and thought the sandwich was really unique and tasty. We will definitely be back to try more sandwiches and we heard from Chef Francis they will be serving ciabatta and focaccia bread end of june. We cannot wait:)

5 Kampong Bahru Rd
Singapore 169341
Phone: +65 9337 3900

Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday from 8am to 8pm.
Closed on Sunday and Public Holidays.

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