Home Cooking- Kway Teow Soup


Was at grandma’s place earlier today and she taught me how to make this super easy, healthy and clear kway teow soup!

Key ingredients are:
1 packet of ipoh Hor Fun (one packet can serve 2 bowls unless you’re a big eater)

1 packet of Chinese Flower Cabbage (Cai Xin)

1 small cup of pre-marinated sliced mushrooms

1 small chilli cut into slices with light soya sauce

Boil a pot of water and add Hor Fun directly in when water is boiling with bubbles. After 2-3 minutes, remove and portion it to as many bowls as you like. Do not soak too long as the noodles will be too soft. (Do not wash the hor fun after you remove from packaging as the boiling water actually removes the oily part of it and washing will make your noodles mushy).

For soup stock

1 tablespoon of mushroom seasoning

5 cups of water

2 corns kernels peeled and cut into cubes

2 carrots ,peeled and cut into cubes

some mock meat (for extra taste)

salt and pepper

1 cup of dried soya beans


Boil all ingredients such as corn, carrots, mock meat, soya beans in a pot of water. Add mushroom seasoning, salt and pepper to taste after 1-2 hours of brewing. Pour some ready stock into another cooking pot (the amount you need for all your Hor Fun and leave the rest as soup for dinner). Add in Cai xin and mushroom to heat them up and set aside to prevent vegetables from turning yellow and too mushy.

Pour hot soup stock over Hor Fun and add sliced chilli and extra soya sauce if it’s too bland. You could add in mock fish slices, fish balls, bean sprouts or any favourite vegetables you like to vamp up your dish.


And we ended lunch on a sweet note again with slices of watermelon! There is a saying that we should not eat watermelon seeds or else we will get a watermelon growing in our stomach. Well this old wives tale actually came true on a guy called Ron Sveden. He had a collapsed lung and doctors thought he had cancer but tests proved otherwise. Till a thoracic surgeon went in and found a shocking discovery that he had aspirated a pea and the pea had spilt and begun to sprout in his lung! Oh my..

So the trick is chew chew chew and don’t eat and cough at the same time or swallow your food with fluids so you wash them down the right way.

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