Hokkien Mee- Healthy Vegetarian Stall at Amoy Street Food Centre

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Besides healthy salad bars which are so popular near the CBD area, I decided to try some local delights over at Amoy Street Food Centre. This time round, I headed to my dad’s favourite vegetarian stall nearest to his office. There are 2 vegetarian stalls in Amoy Street Food Centre and he prefers this as the lady boss is more chill and gives him and his business partner more choices and sometimes customize special menus for them.


When I was there around 2.30pm, there were hardly any food left from the economical rice section. I could only choose those on the top menu and I went for Hokkien Mee $3.


It was cooked on the spot and came with bits of tofu, mock fishball slices, mock char siew and EGGS! I forgot that this dish usually involves egg:( I skipped all the eggy parts and the charred texture on some parts of the noodles reminded me of how the original tasted. I wished it came with mushrooms and more tofu instead of mock meat which I hardly ate. Overall, a decent portion but was not memorable!

They are open Mon- Sat 6.30am- 3.30pm

Amoy Street Food Centre #01-44

Telok Ayer St S (069111)

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