Tofurky Pepperoni Pizza


We have heard or seen Tofurky products online or on blogs but have never chanced upon one. Earlier this evening, we saw 2 flavours on sale and decided to get them as they are now on 50% discount! Costing $17.25 originally, it’s now sold at $8.75 at cold storage at West Coast Plaza. We googled online to check if this pizza looks as good as it claims. After reading many positive reviews we decided to get both flavours to try.


Most reviews commented that the crust was crispy and thin. But after baking for 12 minutes, our crust turned out quite soggy in the centre and slightly crusty at the sides. I wondered if it was due to me leaving the pizza out during pre-heating time as the instruction states to only remove pizza out of oven after pre heating is done.  We might bake it for 15 minutes the next time and try what is stated in the box instructions to see if there will be any difference in the crust texture.

Taste wise, the pepperoni was a little spicy and does not taste rubbery or like any mock chinese meat we have ever tasted. There was a mild cheese flavour and Hubby Ro thought it was too weak so it was quite a let down for us. He said it tasted like a real pizza without enough cheese. It was actually quite dry and a far cry from the gooey stretchy cheese shown on their pizza box packaging.

The only consolation was that a Tofurky whole pizza contains about 810 calories which is the equivalent of about 2 and a half slices of regular pepperoni pizza. Plus there is 0 cholesterol and half the fat and sodium of a regular pizza.


We made some rainbow nuts salad with home made agave balsamic dressing and topped them off with chia seeds!


It was not the most satisfying meal but we’re keeping fingers crossed the next box of Tofurky italian sausage and fire roasted pizza will be much better:)

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