Tom Yam Mee Hoon Kuey- 79A Circuit Road Food Centre

We have been wanting to check out circuit road food centre ever since our friends told us about this awesome vegetarian supper place! They have more than 7 stalls selling everything vegetarian from satay, otah, hand made noodles, wantan noodles to yong tau foo! The selection is massive and it is a perfect place to go with a group of friends to have a mini buffet! Most of the stalls open from 4pm all the way till 1 am daily.

Before picking my dad up at the airport, we did a de-tour before finding this market and it was so crowded! Parking was a nightmare and the hawker centre was so smokey. We left the place smelling like we just had a barbeque bath, so it is definitely not a place to come in your fancy clothing.


Based on our friends recommendation we visited stall 01-78 where they specialized in hand made noodles. This stall offers vegan options and you just need to highlight to them while making your order. Despite them getting my order mixed up, they immediately changed it on the spot with a smile!


We had Tom Yam Mee Hoon Kuay $4, which was really spicy and had a strong tom yam flavour. It had lots of vegetables, seaweed, marinated mushrooms, mushroom crispy anchovies, and fried bean curd skin. The perfect soup base for any spicy lovers!


We also ordered dry ban mian $4 and the boss asked if we wanted vinegar in our noodles. When it arrived, the noodles were smooth, had a springy QQ texture and the vinegar was a lovely touch. We much prefer the tom yam soup to this dish though.


They have actually carved out a cute snowman on all their trays. It brought a smile to my face:)

Xuan Miao Vegetarian is located at Blk 79A Circuit Road Food Centre #01-78 Singapore 370079

They are closed on Monday including lunar 1st and 15th and opens from 5.30pm-1am


Opposite the hand made noodles stall was where all the smoke was coming from! A couple of ladies at stall #01-81 were selling vegetarian satay and otah and we hopped over to get some.


The satay came really quick, even before our noodles! We had to get a minimum of 5 pieces and it costed us $3.50. I personally still prefer the satay we had in Penang but this was quite an interesting alternative for on the spot BBQ satay servings. Maybe next time round, we might order the otahs instead. The peanut sauce was quite diluted and was overall a very oily dish.


Beside the handmade noodles stall, our friend also recommended us to try their wantan noodles and laksa. Guess we will definitely be back really soon!


Spotted another yong tau foo stall as we were heading out. What a food paradise for vegetarians!!

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