One of the best vegan mint chocolate chip ice cream- SOYATO

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A couple of weeks back, we received a lovely package from Verleen the owner of SOYATO. She gave us the mint chocolate chip pint and since then we have bought 2 more tubs. The other flavour we got was chocolate chip which Hubby loved but I found that the flavour had too much soy aftertaste. The mint on the other hand was refreshing, crunchy with the generous amount of chocolate chip and had no hint of any soy. I was so impressed as there are hardly any vegan mint chocolate chips offering around the world that taste so good. The usual ones that taste awesome are only chocolate or coconut. Hopefully Soyato will churn out new flavours such as coconut, durian, strawberry or even a more local flavour like chendol for example.

We are so glad to hear that Soyato is a soy-based, locally made ice cream brand that recently launched in NTUC. Previously at Bugis, Alan and Verleen (the founders) took the feedback that it was difficult to bring Soyato home and remodelled their business to make Soyato more accessible to the mass consumers. We found the new revamp of the flavours and business direction for Soyato really inspiring! With every 100ml scoop it only contains 100kcal, which you can burn off by watching a 2-hour movie or shopping for 30 minutes. Other than that, having Soyato also means you’re taking in 59% less calories and 3X less fat than other ice cream brands. As all of Soyato’s ingredients are plant-based, Soyato is also suitable for vegans, vegetarians and lactose-intolerant consumers. Soyato Ice Cream is also cholesterol and trans-fat free. With so much benefits, we hope Soyato can be reach out to wider audiences and maybe sell overseas too!

If you are concerned with what the main ingredients of a Soyato ice cream is made of, check out this ingredient List:

Honey Lemon

Ingredients: Non-GMO Soy Bean Milk, Sucrose, Dextrose, Soy Bean Oil, Inulin (Prebiotics), Natural Lemon Flavour, Maltodextrin, Honey, Mono-and Diglyceride of Fatty Acids, Guar Gum, Locust Bean Gum, Carrageenan, Salt
Mint Chip

Ingredients: Non-GMO Soy Bean Milk, Sucrose, Dextrose, Non-dairy Chocolate Chips, Soy Bean Oil, Inulin (Prebiotics), Maltodextrin, Natural Mint Flavour, Mono-and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids, Guar Gum, Locust Bean Gum, Carrageenan, Salt


Green Tea

Ingredients: Non-GMO Soy Bean Milk, Sucrose, Dextrose, Soy Bean Oil, Inulin (Prebiotics), Maltodextrin, Natural Green Tea Powder, Mono-and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids, Guar Gum, Locust Bean Gum, Carrageenan, Salt


Wickedly Chocolate

Ingredients: Non-GMO Soy Bean Milk, Sucrose, Dextrose, Non-dairy Chocolate Chips, Soy Bean Oil, Natural Alkalized Cocoa Powder, Inulin (Prebiotics), Maltodextrin, Mono-and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids, Guar Gum, Locust Bean Gum, Carrageenan, Salt

There is a crazy promotion happening in the month of April. You can get SOYATO ice cream for 2 at $19 + a free cooler bag at selected NTUC Fairprice.

Do note that only selected NTUC carries SOYATO and do check out their facebook page for the locations.


Chinese Reunion Feast at Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant (Quality hotel)

IMG_5507 IMG_5508 IMG_5525 IMG_5510 IMG_5511 IMG_5516 IMG_5518 IMG_5521 IMG_5523IMG_5509

Hope everyone had an awesome Chinese New Year break and although this post came too late, we still want to blog about how good our reunion dinner was. Lotus vegetarian restaurant at Quality Hotel was one of the rare places that offer buffet menu for customers and my parents have heard great reviews of their food. So off we went with another 10 more family members for a evening of feasting. Each dish was so good, we wiped out everything all at once. The good thing about the menu was majority of the items were stewed dishes which was healthy, tasty and not heaty. We have eaten at many chinese vegetarian restaurants that offers tonnes of mock meat and fried dishes which can be quite a bore and taste quite gross after a while. Imagine our surprise when most dishes were fresh vegetables with beautiful sounding names! The best dish of the night had got to be the chicken rice!! OMG! It was so good, we were snatching to eat the second round which we did not have many to go around. The rice was so fragrant with the accompanying chilli and we want to go back again to have it with the soup too.

Quality Hotel Marlow

201 Balestier Road, Singapore 329926

Daily Operation Hours

Lunch from 1130hrs to 1500hrs
Dinner from 1800hrs to 2200hrs

For reservations, call Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant at (65) 6254 0090/91.

Priti NYC Vegan Nail Polish Review at The Naturally Better Company

IMG_5859 IMG_5860

If you have been hunting down vegan beauty products in Singapore just like I did, you will be so happy to hear I found a vegan nail parlour at The Naturally Better Company at Millennia Walk (level 2)! I was so thrilled when Sharon, the founder of the shop offered me a free complimentary pedicure service and I topped it off with adding a manicure on my own too. The nail services are available only through appointment (weekdays and weekends) and my nail specialist Amanda, was such a delight to work with. I entered a cozy corner beside the shop and was given a kaleidoscopic range of colours to choose from.

IMG_5862 IMG_5863

At the nail bar, everything that they use are toxic free from start to finish. It’s a one stop shop for professional nail care products which range from nail polish, organic scrubs and creams. Their manicure menu starts from $25 and pedicure starts from 38. The star product of the day was Priti NYC nail polish. Priti NYC products are created by Kim D’Amato when she got pregnant and wanted to use healthier, cleaner and non-toxic products. Another fact that I like about Priti NYC  is their mission to support organic farmers to decrease the amount of chemicals and pollution poisoning the earth and its inhabitants- one manicure at a time.

Priti NYC products are fast drying, chip resistant, super glossy and cruelty-free. They are also perfectly safe to use on children (They have kid’s bottle called Priti Princess, so cute!) and moms-to-be. Visit their website if you want to know more detailed information on the ingredients. I was really impressed by the soy polish remover which had no horrible alcohol smell, very gentle and moisturising on my hands. It really felt so much more comfortable as the key ingredient contains natural oils which was used.


I have heard about this brand before when I was researching Stella Mccartney and I decided to try item code 209 which was such a gorgeous shade of nude tone. I was so happy with it, I bought the clear top coat $25.90 to maintain my nails!. It’s been two weeks and my nails still looked brand new. I guess it helps when you don’t really do housework too.

unnamed (1) unnamed

Stella Mccartney creates custom shades of colours with Priti NYC for her runway show in Paris seasonally. And each colour is a separate collection from the ready to wear line. I cannot wait to try all the colours and they all look so pretty and versatile with any outfits!

IMG_5875 IMG_5877 IMG_5880

With the wonderful soy nail remover cleanser, my toes have never looked so clean and fresh! I chose two emerald tones of green and had a playful mix with them. I cannot wait to book my next appointment and Thank you Sharon for sharing how great vegan nail polish can be! There is no excuse now gorgeous ladies!

Visit them:

Millennia Walk #02-46

9 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore

Open daily from 11am-8pm, Friday and Saturdays from 11am to 9pm

Book an appointment today at 64717220

Vegan Western Food at School Canteen Prices- Little Prince Cuisine at Ngee Ann Polytechnic


A couple of weeks back, Luke from Hungry Ang Mo asked us along for a food tasting session at Little Prince Cuisine. Little did we know, Chef James is quite a legend in the vegetarian scene in Singapore. We had the priviledge to meet him and tasted Singapore’s most affordable vegan western meals. Most of the items at his stall were priced between $3-$5.

The best dish of the day was Fish and Chips $4.50. We love the crumbly texture and the taste of the soy mock meat had a pleasant fishy taste.


The only dish which was quite disappointing was aglio olio $3.80. I was expecting an italian style version but it tasted more like fried chinese pasta. The ingredients were plentiful and looked really appetising. I was able to taste balsamic vinegar used as part of the sauce too. If you are looking for an alternative aglio olio pasta with lots of vegetables. This would make you smile.


The next two dishes used the same soy meat steak base and tasted quite similar but had different names. This was fried chicken $4.50 and we were impressed that the sauces Chef James used were all vegan! We are fans of big chunky fries so the version used in all the meals were too skinny and hard. But for that price we cannot complain!



The last dish was grilled chicken chop $4.50 and we were told the soy meat steak was grilled and although the smoky taste was overpowered by the creamy sauce. We found this dish much better than the fried version. It tasted more juicy and tender.

When we were there, a student from Ngee Ann Polytechnic was seen ordering mashed potatoes around 8pm (the time when the stall closes). Instead of rejecting the student, Chef James went back into his stall to whip it up just for him. Wow! We were really impressed by his dedication and heart to serve and we wished we had such awesome cheap yummy vegetarian food when we were students. The stall is open to the public and is located in a spacious and air-conditioned environment food court.

The stall serves japanese bento sets and local hawker food delights too which we cannot wait to return to try them all!

Little Prince Cuisine
Location: 535 Clementi Rd, Blk 51, Level 2 Ngee Ann Polytechnic (Makan Place)
Contact: 91871461/97815334
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10.30am-8.30pm.  Sat 10.30am-2.30pm.  Closed Sunday.

Seriously Awesome Raw Som Tam in Phuket- Atusmi Raw Cafe

IMG_4343 IMG_4346 IMG_4347 IMG_4348

Last December, we went away to Phuket for our wedding anniversary trip and found Atsumi, a really quaint and cozy outdoor raw cafe!

IMG_4349 IMG_4350 IMG_4317 IMG_4329

We went there around lunch time and were the only chinese customers. The rest were all caucasians and it was packed!



Hubby Ro had Burrito 220 Baht (SG$8.50) made of corn tortilla, marinated veggies, salsa, sour cream, guacamole, mole, raw refried beans and mole sauce and a touch of fermented almond cheese. He found it tasted too raw and was not as filling or satisfying as a real floured version.



I had the Raw Sagna 250 Baht (SG$9.70) made of layers of zucchini with fermented almond cheese, marinara sauce, smokey eggplant bacon and walnut macadamia and fig pate! It was sweeter compared to the one at Living Cafe in Singapore and came in a smaller portion. But overall I loved it!



If you visit thailand, somtam 80 baht SG$3 (spicy papaya salad) can be one of the most easily accessible thai dish but sadly the conventional one comes with fish stock. Imagine my delight to hear they have a vegan version! This was so so so good. It was refreshing, crunchy, nutty and spicy. It screams thailand to me and as you can tell we were craving authentic good thai vegan food which was really hard to find and explain to the restaurants we have been to.



The last dish we tried was Mango Sushi ($7.70) 200 Baht made of mango and seaweed wrapped sushi served with pecan pate, live broccoli/alfalfa sprouts, veggies with passion fruit and caramelized onion dipping sauce. It tasted too raw for our liking and we wished we ordered other thai traditional dishes instead. The sauce was quite unique but it lacked certain texture or maybe the textures were too hard.
Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 12.22.11 AM Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 12.22.25 AM
We also tried their raw desserts 120 baht each (SG$4.50) and were quite disappointed. It had a strange plasticky taste and was not as solid as we hoped it could be. The ones at Living Cafe in Singapore tops that for sure. We might be bias about it as we got them as takeaways and ate it for dinner.  But their mains tasted much better and fresher too.
If we would to visit Phuket again, this would definitely be a must visit and I spotted many people trying their phad thai! The only grip we have about Phuket is their exorbitant  transport costs!

99/1 Moo 7, Wiset Road

Rawai district,
Phuket, Thailand

Tel: +6676289224

Vegan Chinese New Year Snacks- Delcie’s Desert

IMG_5262 IMG_5261

It is less than a week to Chinese New Year and I have already gotten some really delicious vegan snacks for our home! If you have not gotten them soon, hurry down before they all get sold out. I tried all the items at Delcie’s dessert and none of them tasted any less than the usual ones sold in stores. The pineapple tarts tasted really crumbly and was not too sweet. The cookies melt in the mouth and I can just go on and on. I cannot wait to see the reactions on my relatives faces when they try our new year goodies!

190 middle road #01-28B, Fortune Centre s188979

Outlet: +65 6333 9684 (Mon-Sun 11am-6pm)

Crispy Shrooms and Yummy Delights at Newly Opened Loving Hut- Joo Chiat

IMG_5423 IMG_5425 IMG_5426 IMG_5427

The latest and most happening vegan restaurant to visit in 2014 has got to be Loving Hut @ Joo Chiat! This place is so hip and wonderfully done up, we could stay there for hours.

IMG_5437 IMG_5448

First, we tried the smoothies and they were really yummy! We tried avocado coconut and lime green smoothie (both priced at $7.90) and both were so good we wanted more. If you are craving for an asian desert with a touch of coconut try the avocado version. But if you are looking for something thirst quenching the lime will be a great option. They come served in glass straws too! Wow.


We also tried hazelnut cocoa $5.90 and it was quite sweet and we wished it had a darker chocolate taste to it. Hopefully they will start creating dark chocolate drinks!


We ordered 2 soups. The first was dumpling soup $6.90 and the broth was soothing and flavourful. There was a slight touch of sweetness to it as well. The dumplings fillings were great but I wished the skin was less thick and starchy.


We got tomato soup $6.90 to share and it was surprisingly creamy and tasted home-made. We wished this portion was bigger and that the croutons could have been crispier.


The best dish in our opinion was the crispy shrooms $7.90 (oyster mushrooms) sprinkled with paprika powder. The coating was just right and was crispy and juicy at the same time. It came with tar tar sauce and ketchup and it was so good we ordered another one to share.


Next, one of the main dishes arrived and it was a big pot of soy milk laksa $8.90. One thing awesome about this place is the size of most of their dishes. The portions were quite generous and the toppings were plentiful. This dish had a good balance of spiciness and I loved the additional toppings of vegetables too.


We also tried their mee pok dry $8.90 and it was almost twice the portion you get from normal hawker stalls. The flavours were rich and the fillings were just right. I cannot describe how happy we were eating there!




I was really curious to try the Nyonya Rendang crepe $13.90. How would an eggless crepe taste like? When it came, it was really light and fluffy and had a slight crunch too. The fillings were really yummy and was packed with mushrooms, potatoes and green peas. The french fries and salad on the sides were in the right portions too.

We were not expecting much as we have eaten at other Loving Hut outlets in Singapore. This new concept menu they created really brings the restaurant to another level. We cannot wait to return to try all their yummy goodness. They even have a CNY dinner menu too. Despite the prices being on the slightly high side, this place is really perfect for a first date, a group gathering or even for a work meeting!

Joo Chiat Restaurant
Address: 229 Joo Chiat Road
Soft launch from 18 January 2014 (Saturday).
Operating daily 11am-2.30pm, 5.30pm-9.30pm (9pm last order)

Mr & Mrs Vegan TURNS ONE!:)


OMG! Time flies, it has been exactly a year since we turned vegan since Jan 22 2013! We were so lucky to meet so many wonderful vegan/vegetarian new friends and bloggers and sponsors too. In this new year, we hope to blog more (I know we have been lacking in updates), share more personal stories with vegan lovers and animal lovers.

We are looking at hosting or shouting out more vegan/vegetarian events specially for this wonderful community. Do let us know if you guys have any suggestions on ways we can improve our blog or anything you think we need to know now!

We thank each and everyone of you who follows our blog and you guys have been such a great part of our journey. To another great year everyone!


Roland & Priscilla

Rawmio Chocolates and Almond Nut Spread from BGO Singapore

photo (1)

Remember the awesome giveaway from BGO, we hope you lucky winners had a great time feasting on the yummy trail chocolates! We were gifted 4 lovely gifts from BGO and if you are just like us, cracking our brains over choosing good healthy and yummy snacks for the upcoming Lunar New Year. These chocolates and nuts mix are the perfect food to munch on or as gifts to your loved ones and friends!

We tried all of them and each taste really unique and special on their own! Our favourite was the rawmio chocolate bar (it was really yummy with figs stuffed all over it and the truffle almonds! It was definitely a healthier version compared to eating truffle fries. We tried the nut and seed butters but found them a tad sweet. It was easy to spread on a plain bread or biscuit. If the sound of almond butter plus chocolate does not entice you, we have no idea what might!

Head over to BGO website to stock up for the New Year:) Big Thanks to BGO for the lovely treat.

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