Hunting down the best Assam Laksa-Luk Yea Yan at Georgetown,Penang


Located in the heart of Georgetown, Luk Yea Yan was a convenient place to visit while we were in Penang. Some say they have the best vegetarian assam laksa in Penang and we were determined to find out. Funnily along the way, we realized we were not assam laksa fans so we ended up trying many other dishes from them instead. Each time we were there, the restaurant was PACKED with people. Thankfully, we always managed to get a seat just as some diners leave.

IMG_1931 IMG_1923 IMG_1925 IMG_1927 IMG_1929 IMG_1920 IMG_2383 IMG_2385 IMG_2386 IMG_2387 IMG_2388

From the food galore above, the only dishes that really stood out was the lotus wrapped rice and fried tofu cubes. Both of these dishes were really yummy and filled with flavours. The rest of the dishes tasted pretty normal and was nothing to shout about. The assam laksa came looking pretty authentic but tasted just like the ones we had at Beyond Veggie. If you are in for comforting vegetarian food with strong chinese wok-style flavours, this will be the place to visit. At all times, the food was served really quickly and the food was really affordable! Most items from the ala carte menu range from RM5-15 depending on portion size. Most of the dishes portion in our pictures are size medium and large.

148, Jalan Macalister, Georgetown, Penang Malaysia 10400

Phone Number: (04) 228-1148

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 7.30am-3pm, 5.00pm-10.00pm. Closed on Wednesdays

Best Japanese Food in Malaysia: Sushi Kitchen-Georgetown, Penang

IMG_1876 IMG_1877

Ok..maybe we are over exaggerating but Sushi Kitchen was one of the best Japanese restaurant we have ever been to. Even when we were in Japan nothing came close to the two key dishes that blew our minds away. This restaurant is 100% vegan and looks closed from the outside (we almost missed it or thought it was closed). The menu is extensive although we found the place slightly dim (bad for photos) and a little too stuffy!


The first thing you have to order there is the Red Sea Udon RM11.90. It is slightly spicy and taste like tom yam but not exactly it. I asked the owner and she mentioned that the paste is made out of different herbs and spices. We loved this dish so much we came back again and again for it. I ate it twice in a day once as it was such an appetizing dish and the udon was of good texture and portion. Almost each time I was there, I finished every drop of the soup. This was how awesome the dish was.


The next dish we went gaga over was Black Cod Brown Rice Vermicelli Soup RM15.90. This dish was so soothing and not as creamy as it looked, we wished we could get a refill each time we ordered it. When I checked, the owner mentioned the soup base is made of oatmeal!


They are famous for their Golden Age RM12.90 (for 5 pcs) fresh mango sushi roll with vegan mayo dressing. This dish is seasonal and really depends if the owner is able to find ripe and good mangoes for the day.


The only dish we found quite disappointing was the seaweed fried rice RM10.90. Although the presentation was great with the fried rice wrapped around the seaweed, it tasted pretty bland and soggy.


We also tried their signature fried sushi roll (known as global warming). The unique part of this sushi is the crispy outer layer and the rice and fresh ingredients oozes out when you bite into the sushi. The only thing I wished they could do was to serve the sushi dressing cold instead of warm so that the flavours had a stronger contrast.

No.12 Gat Lebuh Acheh 10300 Georgetown, Penang

Opening Hours: Wednesday-Friday 11.30am-9.30pm. Saturday and Sunday 11.30am-2.30pm, 6.30pm-10pm

Closed on Monday and Tuesday

They have another outlet near the airport too and they have started offering vegan cakes!



Nasi Ulam at The Leaf Healthy House- Georgetown, Penang

IMG_1861 IMG_1846

Really proud to be representing Singapore during the recent Georgetown Festival 2014 organized by Tan Kheng Hua under Sin-Pen colony and during my 2 weeks stay in Penang, I went back to The Leaf Healthy House more than 6 times in a roll! If I ever return to Georgetown, this will be the first place I will visit as well:)

IMG_2053 IMG_2055

We love how creative they named their soy milk shakes! We kept drinking the Hulk RM7.90 (soy milk, kiwi and apple) and the Minion RM6.90 (soy milk, mango and banana). It was not too sweet and was really filling. It worked great as a breakfast smoothie!


Tomato Spaghetti RM8.90 with fresh tomato sauce

This dish tasted pretty normal and was nothing to shout about. The great thing about The Leaf was how each pasta dish came with side vegetables instead of a fully carb-loaded meal.


The Leaf Spaghetti RM8.90 with basil and pine nuts sauce

This was my all time favourite. The pine nut sauce was so tasty and really well blended. I was surprised no cheese was used in this dish and the pesto sauce tasted really refreshing. The portions were decent but if you are very hungry you could eat 2 plates easily.


Soy milk Jelly RM3.90

Another reason for me to return was this really yummy and super soft soy milk jelly which was so unique. I have never tasted anything as similar and the sliced almond slices really added an extra crunch to this semi-sweet dessert with gula melaka.


Nasi Ulam Rm5.90

This dish sounded strange and did not look that great but IT WAS BEYOND AWESOME! The flavours, the herbs, the vegetables, the chilli and the fresh pineapple wedges together was just the coolest and best combination of flavours ever. I really want to eat this dish again or try to re-make this. I highly recommend this dish and you have to try it to get why I am so excited:) It tasted like a version between fried rice, to lei cha to briyani to a warm salad.


Thai Herbs Spaghetti RM8.90

This tasted really bland and did not have as much thai spicy flavours as I expected.


Potato patty burger as it was stated was just aloo masala potatoes in a bun. Nothing to shout about as the spices were neither spicy or flavourful.


Jawa Spaghetti RM6.90 with fresh tomato and sweet potato sauce

This dish had interesting layers of taste but I was not a big fan as it tasted too sweet for a savoury dish.


Popiah (Fresh spring roll) RM 3.50 for a roll with turnip, lettuce, tofu, seaweed and burdock

Not the best popiah in town as the skin was too thick and was too mushy.

This cafe is in the Little India district and is easy to spot with green plants and a cool looking bicycle right outside.


Address: No.5 Lebuh Penang, 10200 Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11.30am-3pm, 5.30pm-9pm

Saturday 11.30am-9pm, closed on Sunday

Yin’s Vegan sourdough bakery – Georgetown, Penang


I was in Penang for work at the recent Georgetown Festival 2014 and Hubby joined me for a few days where we strolled along the streets and chanced upon a few really unique and good vegan/vegetarian food places! The first I highly recommend is Yin’s Sourdough Bakery. This bakery was a surprise find and ever since we found it, we went back there a few times! Although the rest of the menu was not vegan, all the sourdough breads are vegan. Our favourite was cranberries and walnut whole wheat sourdough RM9.30 with homemade pineapple jam.

IMG_2569 IMG_2665

Yin’s sourdough breads are freshly baked daily and taste really chewy and have the right amount of softness too. Topped with nuts and raisins, we were sold! All the breads and buns sold at the bakery goes through natural long fermentations. She does not use any commercial yeast in any of their breads and buns. On her website, she added that she does not add any additives, improver, softener, preservatives or chemical in the process of making their brand. Only unbleached flour, filtered water, pinch of salt and a few drips of sunflower oil are used in their breads.

To find out more benefits and how a natural sourdough starter works, check out Yin’s website! Another thing we found really charming about this bakery is how sincere and passionate the whole team is with their bread. They are also the only cafe/bakery which we have ever been into that serves random walk-in customers or strangers with a glass of water. Talk about good service:)

Address: 11 Pesara Claimant, 10100, Georgetown Penang, Malaysia

Phone: +60 11 24195118

Open from Monday- Friday 7am-6pm, Saturday 7am-1pm. Closed on Sunday

Deepavali Vegan Fine Dining Dinner- Organized by Chicks Eat Vegan at Rang Mahal

IMG_3937 IMG_3933

Remember us posting about our first Chicks Eat Vegan meet-up at Saint Pierre and loving the concept behind this vegan fine dining meet-up group? This time round, the venue was at Rang Mahal and we were really excited as most indian food are usually cooked with ghee or yogurt.


We started the evening with some pappadum and indian crispy bread (if anyone know what it is called, please leave a comment!) served with some mint chutney, sweet and sour pickles and a refreshing sweet plum tasting sauce.


The dinner began with Amuse Bouche, lime-aloe vera, dry puchka and laccha japanese cucumber. The combination was really refreshing and our favourite was the lime aloe-vera which was not too sweet and thirst-quenching good.


Next we had our first starter, Tawa saffron organic tofu (hot-griddle silken organic tofu infused with saffron, hint of pink peppercorn and served with wholesome assorted sprouts). This was by far our favourite dish of the night. The rich musky flavour went so well with the tofu and the crunchy sprouts. We can still remember the taste even up till today!


Next we tried Gobi and truffle soup made of cauliflower florets with fragrance of truffle and accompanied with ajwain-flavoured Indian shortbread (it tasted like ginger indian spice cookie to us!) This soup tasted really soothing and I am dying to research recipes to recreate this soup.


For our entree dish, we had organic oatmeal and asparagus chilla (healthy pancakes made with oatmeal, arugula salad on side) and made fresh on the spot by the chef as seen below!


IMG_3958 IMG_3960

Before the main course was served, we were given each a rose-water and mint sorbet with edible flowers.


For each meet-up, we are encouraged to stand up and switch places to meet new people. Hence I was in a corner where lighting was not that fantastic so pardon the photos! For our main course, it was served in a glass thali platter and we were spoilt for choice.

We had the following items on our platter:

Sev Tomato Nu Shaak (tomatoes cooked in a tangy gravy topped with crispy vermicelli)

Palak Mustard (crushed spinach fried with spices and mustard) This was done super well!

Home Smoked Bharta (clove-smoked mashed aubergine, tossed with ginger and smoked tomato)

Chowke Mattar (lightly tempered fresh sweet peas)

Panchmel Dal (five different lentils cooked to perfection)

Quinoa Upma (quinoa with crunchy red peppers)

Crispy okra

Served with Miss Roti (bread made of chickpea and wheat flour from a flat pan) and Methi Masala Roti (flat bread made with wheat flour and fresh fenugreek)


You can imagine how stuffed we were after the main course and we were treated to a really unique vegan dessert platter that was really different from any other vegan desserts we have eaten. We had Gund Churma (a rich and flavourful sweet made of whole wheat flour), Gajjar Halwa (freshly made warm carrot pudding with exotic berries) and Brown rice Kheer (healthy brown rice and soy milk pudding enhanced with cinnamon).


Another highlight for us was the fennel and black pepper tea they served alongside some petit fours fruits! They even gifted us a packet of in-house roasted indian spiced cashews each which tasted AMAZING! We cannot stress how enjoyable the dinner was with great company and new friends we met! We are looking forward to a Christmas edition of Chicks Eat Vegan and to all our Hindu friends: HAPPY DEEPAVALI from us:)

IMG_3973 IMG_3971


Rang Mahal

Level 3 Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore

7 Raffles Boulevard

Phone: 63331788

Open daily 12 noon – 2.30pm, 6.30-10.30pm

Koshari Rice at Fill-a-pita – Shenton House CBD


Fill-a- Pita is the latest falafel stall which opened in Mid of this year 2014. Having read glowing reviews from Luke from Hungry Ang Mo and many other vegetarian instagram bloggers we decided to head down to try Hassan’s food!

IMG_0889  IMG_0893

The first dish we saw everyone eating was Koshari Rice $7.00. It is only available on Thursday and some Fridays. We tried it and LOVED EVERY MOUTHFUL OF IT! The flavours came together so well with a mix of macaroni, rice, and beans topped with fried shallots and a rich tomatoey base. When we wanted to do take aways, it was already sold out. So we suggest coming earlier to get this dish before it runs out!


We tried the falafel pita bread $5.50 and strangely we did not find it as yummy as compared to Pita Pan‘s. The falafels here are less crunchy and definitely tasted more healthy but the lack of choice to add as much toppings as you like kinda made it boring.

IMG_0894 IMG_0895

We ordered a side plate of hummus $2.50 to add on to our pita bread and it tasted creamy and really homemade. The pickles on the other end was quite delightful and was quite a pleasant touch to the heavy meal. Other than that, we found the opening hours the only drawback for us as we do not work in the CBD district.


#01-02 Shenton House, opposite SGX building (Its located inside a coffee shop)

Opening Hours: Mon to Fri 8.00am -3.00pm, Sat 12.30pm-2.30pm, Sun closed

Raw Food Restaurant/Bar Afterglow- Keong Siak Street

IMG_9997 IMG_9986

After hearing many glowing reviews from so many friends about Afterglow, the latest raw food restaurant/bar in town, I went there for a girls night out! The ambience of the restaurant was hippie and really well done. It looked like an establishment you can find in Melbourne or in NYC. The menu was not as extensive as I thought it would be and had 3-4 options per category. Pardon the bad photography as the lighting was really dim during dinner.


I ordered raw zucchini linguine with tomato sauce and homemade pesto $16. The portions at Afterglow was surprisingly small. For that price, I was expecting the portions similar to the ones we had at The living Cafe. I finished my plate in less than 10 mouthful and was still hungry. The tomato sauce was really sour and somehow did not go well with the raw zucchini. The pesto part was really tiny and I could hardly taste much of the pesto element in this dish.


My girlfriend ordered the raw taco bowl with salsa, walnut meat and cashew cream $16. Her portion was much bigger and we ended up sharing as I was still feeling hungry. The salsa sauce was quite refreshing and went well with the bowl. Sadly, again the sauce was so little, we ended up just eating the salad raw without much flavour.


Still hungry, we ordered raw nut cheese with a variety of raw crackers. We chose trio set $10 with sundried tomatoes, olives and lemon cheese and pecan, currants and walnut cheese. This was the best dish of the night for us as the raw cheeses were fragrant and really smooth. It went very well with the crackers which was not too bitter.


We ended the night with a sweet note and ordered the only dessert in the menu: raw seasonal fruit parfait with nut sauce $12.90. It was quite a disappointment to learn that a raw food restaurant only had 1 dessert option. We came with high expectations for the desserts and sadly the portion again was so small and really not worth the value. The dessert tasted just the same as the raw nut cheese with an extra touch of citrus flavour and was sadly served warm.

Since then, we have not been back as we had to eat another dinner to fill our stomachs despite spending more than $35 each per pax. Strangely, whenever someone mention about Afterglow they continue to sing praises about this restaurant. I am not sure if it was just a bad night at the restaurant or it was because we ordered the wrong stuff from the start. If anyone of you know what food is super good and quite filling, please leave us a comment.

Address: 24 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089131
Tel: +65 6224 8921
Website: Facebook

Opening Hours: Mon – Sat 11.30 am – 11 pm

Come celebrate World Vegan Day with us – 1st November at Annalakshmi


We are really proud to be vegans and if you are like us, join us and Singapore Vegetarian Society on 1st November 2014 for


Venue: Annalakshmi

             #01-04 Central Square, 20 Havelock Road

(Nearest MRT station is Clarke Quay exit B or Chinatown exit E

Date & Time: Saturday 1st November 2014, 7-10pm

Fee: $25 (VSS members) $35 (non members)

Besides a sumptuous Indian Vegan Buffet dinner, Dr. Michael Greger  from will joining in via Skype to answer any questions to do with nutrition, food safety and health issues. Another guest of the evening will be Carel Lim who is trained in the fields of human nutrition, food science, and health promotion. We have a few burning questions we would like to ask and what better way to celebrate World’s Vegan Day with good company, delicious vegan food and a chance to learn more about healthy living.

Click here for registration as seats are limited and looking forward to meeting all of you there:)


Tom Yam Ramen Bento Set- Homemeals


The secret to a fast and quick delicious meal I have been using is using Teng Eng tom yam vegetarian sauce. This bottle is really my favourite brand I have tried so far. It is super easy to whip up ramen, somen, udon, quinoa, rice or even pasta with just this sauce! You can get this bottle from all vegetarian grocery shops.



To get this simple meal I just created, just follow these few steps:

1. Tom Yam ramen (Serving for 5-6 people)

-Pre-cook your noodles/rice/quinoa.

- On a separate bowl, add 3-4 tablespoons of Teng Eng tom yam pasta

- Add 3-4 teaspoons of brown sugar (depends how spicy you can take, the less spicy the more sugar)

- Add hot water to your paste (This depends on how big your noodles/rice/quinoa portions is like)

- Stir the tom yam paste, water and sugar together

- Pour and stir in to mix with your noodles/rice/quinoa

- Topped with fresh vegetables or nuts or seaweed

2. Beancurd Skin (sliced in small slices and stir fry them into crispy bits)

3. Boil edamame beans (use fresh or frozen)


I made it another day with miso dumplings soup on the side.

IMG_3044 IMG_3065

And we love eating our favourite rocket or spinach salad with baked nuts, fresh raspberries, grilled artichokes, sundried tomatoes and kalamata olives!


I also make happy appetizers like white bean puree with crackers and raspberries when I am craving for a healthy snack! There is no excuse that you cannot whip up fast and easy vegan meals despite your busy schedule:)


Homegrown Soy Wax Melts- Artisan’s Garden


Another homegrown brand I spotted which was vegan and smells so good from far was Artisan’s Garden Soy Wax Melts! Even before I could reach the booth, I could already smell the soft and gentle waves of aroma. When I came closer, I was even more mesmerized by the wide variety and beautiful scents. I am a huge fan of making sure my home smells good and fresh and have never come across a brand as good as this. I have bought a couple of soy candles around the world and on iherb but Artisan’s Garden choices are really rich in flavours. Most scented candles I purchased tend to always have a lighter tone but this product still smells as good and almost everyone who have been to our home have commented our home smells amazing. Here are some questions I asked Susan and here are her replies:

When did you start Artisan’s Garden?

I started it just before Christmas in 2013 when I initially experimented with handcrafted soaps, bath salts, balms, candle tins and wax melts as Christmas gifts to friends and family.

That sparked my interest in natural bath and body products after I left the corporate left after 20 years in the F&B sector. I took a short course in soap making and started developing an interest in soapcraft. I went on to take comprehensive courses in both soap and candle crafting in Seoul, Korea and Sydney.

Whilst in the US and Australia, I was introduced to the concept of wax melts and thought it was an ideal way of scenting a room without getting my burners all oily and burnt from burning essential oils. As I only wanted to deal with natural soy wax, I started developing different scents, initially for my own use- hence the birth of Artisan’s Garden Soy Wax Melts.

What are some of the challenges you faced?

Any candle maker will tell you that it takes a lot of trial and experimentations to get the right balance of the scent colour and burn. So at any one time, Artisan’s Garden would have no less than 16 different scents, with new ones being tried all the time.

What are your most popular scents? 

Our most popular sellers are White Tea & Ginger, Ocean Breeze and Himalayan Bamboo.

When will you be having new scents?

I do them seasonally and this coming Christmas, I will be launching three new scents- Christmas Cedar (a woody homey scent), Home for the Holidays (a party mix of citrus, florals and woods) and Candy Cane (a pure peppermint).

Where are your soy wax from?

Artisan’s Garden uses only the best soy wax from the USA:

  • 100& vegetable, made with Pure Soybean Oil, GUARANTEED
  • All NATURAL and biodegradable
  • Manufactured meeting FDA standards
  • Kosher Certified
  • NOT tested on animals
  • Contains NO animal products
  • Contains NO palm wax
  • Contains No petroleum, paraffin or beeswax products
  • Contains NO pesticides and NO herbicides
  • Contains NO GeneticallyModified Materials
  • Considered GRAS under the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act

What are wax melts?

The melting of scented wax chips is still relatively a new concept in Singapore, compared to water-diluted essential oil. While wax melts are also placed in a tea-light or electric burner, the advantages are substantial.

  • Wax does not evaporate, unlike water, thus no worry about drying up
  • The scent throw of wax melts is wider and more effective than candles
  • Melting wax gives you the scent much quicker than lighting a scented candle

How to use wax melts?

  • Place 8-12 pieces of wax melts on burner and light tea light
  • After the scent has dissipated, pour the liquid wax away (recommended into a paper cup- never pour down the sink)
  • Wipe burner with tissue paper on napkin and place new wax melts to burn again

Tips on using the burner:

  • Place burner on a stable and safe surface (eg. not on a wood laminate or paper surface as the base might get hot)
  • choose a burner that is not too open or too high at the base, as the heat from the flame needs to melt the wax, neither should it be too low that the heat makes the entire burner too hot to handle

Why should one use soy wax:

For most of us in Singapore, we have a tendency to be enclosed in an airconditioned room- be it at home or at work. Soy wax is:

  • Unlike the more common paraffin wax, soy wax is natural and non-toxic. With no petrol-carbon soot, it burns cleaner and is therefore safer to use in the home.
  • Soy wax melts at a lower temperature, so it does not scald in the event of a spill, making it safer around children
  • It is so easy to clean- just give your burner a wipe or simple use water and soap! No scraping needed.
  • Soy wax is naturally biodegradable
  • It is common for soy wax candles and tea lights to last 30%-50% longer than paraffin ones, thus giving you a much longer burn time


They also sell lemongrass lizard repellent S$10 a bottle which is all natural and does not harm the wiggly insects but yet wards them away. I thought it is such a brilliant and green idea!


Check out Artisan’s Garden latest pop up shop and happenings on their facebook page and be sure to get one to be in spa-mood everyday:) Email for more information. They do home delivery services too.


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